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Tips to Become a Top Seller on Poshmark

By Peppertan

Selling things online can be the best alternative hobby besides blogging you should consider doing. For those who haven’t before heard about Poshmark, here you will get an idea about it. Poshmark is an online buying and selling marketplace for clothes and other accessories. Poshers can now enjoy it as there is an effective Poshmark automation process that speeds up the whole process. Initially, it was branded as a marketplace to buy women’s second-hand clothing at discounted costs. However, Poshmark has made an effort into retail sales, and it currently sells also men’s and children’s clothing. For those who are new to Poshmark, herein is a guide to help you sell in this marketplace successfully;

Your best items should be listed at the top of the page

The best items you have in stock should be listed at the top so that they are first seen whenever people visit your page. The best choices should be the one to be shared, especially when people are reciprocating the shares you have since they lack scrolling time to search for the best ones in place.

The potential buyers won’t go far down; they will like what they see as best at the top rather than wasting their time scrolling down to see other items. Among the items you should place at the top of the page are mostly the designer items, those new with tags, those from popular brands, and all those that are in good condition. Ensure they all appear at the top, and others shall follow.

Provide tips on how to wear and style a particular item

Since Poshmark lacks a return policy, providing your customers with a guide on how to wear and style a particular item can be the best thing you can do. Expert sellers recommend providing customers with style tips in the description, just a sign of showing the buyer how versatile the commodity is. Every item can be shown what best goes with it and the best time to wear it at large. By all this, you would have encouraged the buyer that the piece you intend to sell is versatile and also of good value.

Never be afraid of saying NO

There are many negotiations in Poshmark. Here, a lot of sellers will post items with a non-negotiable price, but you still find buyers comment with their bids. You shouldn’t be surprised about this as it’s a normal act at any market place all around the world. Learning to get open to buyers’ bids is vital as this can be an opportunity for sellers to get rid of items that have stayed in the store for quite some time. So, haggling the price down a little bit should never be something to surprise you; learn to get into negotiations first.

However, if you note that a particular buyer has completely lowballed you, then immediately reject the bid. Likewise, some buyers will ask for customized product bundles at large. In this case, the decision is yours, if you are not ready to offer that, don’t be afraid to say no. You should remember that you’re running your store and not for the buyers, save your time and headaches by staying selective all through.

Try to add an extra touch to the products you sell

We are in a competitive world where you need to strive to stay ahead of others at large. You should go the extra mile to the customers you have so that they will stay buying from you all the time they need such commodities. Experts recommend that you try to place an extra touch to the products you sell. Maybe you can consider wrapping an item in a curled ribbon or in a tissue paper to ensure they reach customers safely. By doing this, you would have made a step to pull in more customers to your business.

If you feel this is something adding costs at your side, purchase those wrapping products from discount websites. You can go the extra mile to get business cards that have been printed to thank customers for what they have bought from your store. This is a good strategy you can employ to get recurring customers afterward.

Capitalize on descriptions and titles

If you carefully look at all Poshmark sellers who have stayed in this industry for some time, you will note that they have a particular thing in common. Everyone has a descriptive title, and they employ every character as they can. The most captivating parts are always at the front. You can be different by using an emoji that signifies the word new instead of using the word itself, and you would have saved two characters. You can also consider including measurements, fabric from which the commodity has been made from, and all other relevant information. Using Poshmark automation, you will stay enjoying buying and selling at this market place all the time.

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