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Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently  

Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently

Do you have several blazers but lack different ways of wearing them? It is time to up your style game for blazers are not just an office look anymore. Follow your favorite fashion bloggers, celebrities and fashion trends online to see how you can wear different blazers to various occasions. Also, invest in the different types that you do not have to increase your options. Nowadays, the blazer is a winning look for brunch, date night to a wedding fashion look.

Style with different silhouettes and prints that are available today in various sites and get ready to look all glammed by wearing your blazer differently from the rest. Transform not only your look but your wardrobe with the many ideas you find and also experiment with. Try some of the tips below on how to wear blazers in a fresh way and not only for the office look.

Dress up your biker shorts 

In the fashion world today, it is quite obvious that blazers are not only for the daily grind for that formal look. As you can now use them to dress up your biker shorts. Once you get your blazer at a UK boutique shopping. Either it is a metallic one, of a bold color like pink or mango to the classic black blazer.

Finish off your look by wearing the blazer over your black or white biker shorts. It is a recommended way by many fashion bloggers and it is a common street look as well. This is unique to wear your blazer as it upgrades your simple look of bike shorts and a sports bra or even a t-shirt with jeans look.

This look is always a win for it is a mix of something casual with a tailored blazer blend that gives the outfit a fun and chic finish.

Wear your blazer suit as separates 

Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently

If your blazer is part of a relaxed fit suit. Try breaking it up and wear it as separate pieces. Choose the blazer to wear it as a plus-size look and blend it with other pieces in your wardrobe for a different and fresh twist. Although a fitting blazer is favored as a classic and a wardrobe staple wearing it as a plus-size blend with other suit options is an on-trend option that won’t disappoint.

Optionally, you can find a blazer as you shop as part of a suit and get it to pair with a dress to the office or for a beyond the office look. Nonetheless, there is no limitation on how you can wear the separates but the blazer has a myriad of options that you can maximize on. Choose a polished and relaxed suit if you prefer for it pairs excellently with a tee and sneakers or a blouse and heels.

Style with vintage-style jeans

Another way to wear your blazer is by styling it with a more casual bottom. For instance, vintage-style jeans are a fresh way to wear your blazer that will never get out of style. It is a favorite among most women for they are contrasting and unexpected pieces. Vintage style jeans or track pants with t-shirts or sweatshirts are good casual pairs.

Add a blazer to one of these combinations with a color that is expressive and not as overwhelming. The final look is elegant and one that you will love to do over again. Since it is a combination of a tailored finish and undone elements of the jeans all at once. Accessorize with statement shoes that will bring out the overall ensemble perfectly.

Wear a colorful blazer with bold prints underneath 

Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently

Choose one of the many colorful blazers in your wardrobe and use it to style your outfit. Since there are no limits with experimenting with fashion. Wear your blazer with a bold prints top or dress underneath and see how your style quotients transform instantly.

Although, this is a possible combination that you can pull off. It is important to know how to limit the color and prints on your outfit to the blazer that you choose. Especially, if the top you are wearing underneath has a lot of color and prints. Otherwise, it will look too much and spoil your overall ensemble. A good example is blending a monochromatic blazer in green, pink or blue to layer over a patterned dress or top.

The rule to follow is wearing a one-color blazer to match different types of prints and the color of the blazer should match one of the colors in the patterned blouse.

Dress a print blazer with contrasting patterned blouse 

Tips On How to Wear Blazers Differently

This is another ideal mix of how you can wear a blazer with a twist to it. A print blazer may work perfectly for an office look. Also, you can style it for an unexpected but eye-catching look. Experiment by mixing your printed blazer by layering it over a blouse in a contrasting pattern and you will love the outcome of this attire.

One combination that is loved by most fashion bloggers that you can try is a checked blazer with an abstract floral top. The two mix well together and are a perfect summer look. keep off the plain color blazer blends that you style continuously and try this styling tip for a fresh twist.

To sum up, the above are just a few of the ways you can style your blazer. Nevertheless, you can check out other styling pros online for more tips on how to wear your favorite blazer differently. Experiment with the above tips and other creative ways you can think of and you will see the blazer in an entirely new light.

Upgrade your wardrobe by adding other blazer types that you don’t have yet. To get more that you can not only go to work with but you can style in different ways. Enjoy pairing your favorite blazers with the unexpected to adorning them with mismatching prints. Step out looking all chic and beautiful with different blazer looks.

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