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Tips for Redecorating Your Family Home

Posted on the 19 May 2020 by Cheekymeeky

Redecorating your family home during the summer can be difficult, not least because your kids will be at home during those long weeks of summer vacation. To ensure that your family redecoration project is a breeze, and to help your home to head into autumn looking its best, here are a few top tips to help your projects run smoothly.

Focus on the Garden

Although you might be concerned about decorating the interior of your home this summer, one of the best parts of your home to decorate during June, July, and August is not inside of your home at all. In fact, summer is the best time to focus on your garden. Summer provides the perfect conditions, not to mention the fact that most plants and flowers need seeding in the early summertime. Improving the appearance of your garden can boost the overall image of the whole house and allow your children to have a great outdoor living space in which they can play.

Hire Professionals

If the summer heat is getting to you, or you're struggling to commit to the DIY projects that you had planned, you should consider hiring professionals in order to get your project moving. Hiring professionals can be particularly good for those that have kids, as this will allow you to care for your children and keep them out of trouble while the experts get to work. Most professionals offer a range of services that are suited to the warm summer temperatures. For instance, Home on Call's home painting service is perfect for the summer months, due to the fact that you should ideally air your home while the paint is drying.

Live Away from Your Home

It can be extremely difficult to manage both your usual family lifestyle and a major decorating project during the summer months, particularly if you have children to keep entertained. To prevent your family and children from becoming stressed living in the messy conditions of a redecoration project, you should consider spending the duration of the project living with accommodating friends or family.

Work with the Weather

Although you might associate the summer months with warm weather and blue skies, this is not always the case, and this can have a major effect on your redecoration project. Rather than work against the weather in order to complete your projects, you should try to take the temperature and working conditions into account. For instance, on rainy days, you might decide to try indoor projects, like fitting furniture and painting rooms, while warmer days might be the perfect opportunity to work on the garden.

Consider the Best Renovations for Summer

Not all renovations are suitable for the summer months, and it is important that you find those that are perfect for the warmer weather, tasks that will improve your quality of living during the summer. The best summer home décor tasks can include varnishing decking, painting your interior and exterior walls, fixing your roofing, clearing your patio, and reworking your furniture.

Get the Kids Involved

Kids can often get bored of your redecoration project, and they may complain about not spending as much time with you as they would like. As such, you should try to get your kids involved as much as possible. For instance, you should ask their opinion on wall colors and fixtures, take them shopping with you, and allow them to help you carry out minor redecoration tasks.

Tips for redecorating your family home
Tips for redecorating your family home


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