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Tips for Making Healthy Smoothies

By Smoothiehealthyrecipes
Tips for making healthy smoothies

I love smoothies! I have been on a big kick with them lately. Healthy smoothie needs a few simple ideas that can make all the difference in the world. Here are my 5 smoothie making tips.

1) Don’t over use greens
We all love incorporating greens in our smoothie but don’t overdo it. As with excess green your smoothie is going to taste like crap. If you actually want to enjoy your smoothies and keep up with drinking them, keep the greens to about 1 cup.

2) Use frozen fruits
Always use frozen fruits for your smoothie because it usually gives my smoothies a much better thickness, plus frozen fruit is cheaper!

3) Use almond / coconut milk
I prefer milk over water as the liquid in my smoothies, but almond milk and coconut are light, creamy and add nice flavor.

4) Use a good blender
Always use good blender for your smoothie. Good blender makes smoothie creamy and fluffy. Never use weak blender as with weak blender your would not get texture and consistency in your smoothie.

5) Keep your smoothie simple
Never use more than 2-3 different fruit combinations. You would think that all fruits tastes good when blended together, but that is not always true.

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