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Tips for Decorating Your Room

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Tips for decorating your roomOften there is a time when you are bored with your bedroom environment. This is the time to take a chance, to decorate your room with a new color scheme. There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of your room. You can with lights all light pieces or lighting provides the side of the bed together change to bring the light in your room. This is very important if you want to add color to your room. Sidelights are an important part of your room and if the room there does not seem quite strange. Here are some other things you can do to decorate your own room:
When you return to the office, the only place where the peace is his bedroom. Right now is the best place in your home where you can relax and rest for a while. If the room is well furnished and well organized, so this place will be even more enjoyable. Here are some things to consider when updating your bedroom:
Storen are an important element in your room. Buy light curtains, you can make a delicious feeling when you see your room. Try to keep as easy as possible the color, as they easily can be combined with the color of the walls in this way. If you are looking for a change, you can choose dark curtains; I would add to your room an elegant fashion charm.
If you are black in the taste, then a clock of the same color to buy. There is a great contrast and your room will be a perfect watch.
The bedroom dresser:
Chests has a deep impression and is a very important piece of furniture that add an extra charm, if you have selected the correct color. If you have followed the pattern of black, then it is best that a comfortable dark in the room is also made.
It will be a point of attraction for those below. In addition to the presentation of the colors, you try to get a dresser avoid medium and high. Today, a large living most popular ancillary units should be avoided, as this will only make it more congested.

Get a comfortable medium size is best to place a mirror on it. In this, you will not have to buy an additional toilet for your room and more space is available in the room.
The addition of posters and photos:
Add more color to your room, you can place a poster or pictures on the walls. Avoid portraits of colors as the color theme is dark in the room. You can place the poster rock stars of old cars or classic. This will give your room has a black and white theme.
If you follow the same pattern on the device of your bedroom, you ensure that you have a unique experience and a striking atmosphere.

The smell of sex myth (and why women can wear colognes for men and vice versa)

Tips for decorating your room
Neil Morris is a perfumer who lives in Boston. Sometimes Chanel No. 5. used "I like when people congratulate me for the smell and I can tell what it is." He likes to surprise people with the fact that aromas working woman called surprisingly well for men and vice versa. in fact, its own line of perfumes () in the "shared scent" for men or for women.

While this may seem terribly modern, it is quite the opposite. Back to the top of the mountain fragrance in Europe (18th century), there was absolutely no idea that any smell can be reserved, or better for one sex over another. The most powerful men wore perfume on time, including kings, dukes and generals. These were mostly heterosexual and perfume had some of their solemn ceremonies.

the line was added to the perfume at the time in class more purchasing power and economic base: the rich and famous smelled better than the poor and oppressed. Among those who could afford perfume, no perfume against the "female", "macho".

You can still have that in the oldest Cologne to see in the world, 4711 in Cologne, Germany. This ancient concoction is still on the market and claims to be the product, which gave its name colonies easier. It is a citrus scent; soft and strangely contemporary, despite the fact that it was for centuries. Although Europeans, especially the Germans, 4711 seem to be a little old, it is a cover fragrance sex. Men use aftershave, DAB elderly behind the ears, and spray American girl in Europe in his hair.

The concept of gender flavors cattle for traction in the 20th century as perfume and fashion at the same pace, to stop being the private reserve of a privileged few, and became less accessible to the middle class. This is not accidental at the time of modern advertising began to influence consumer decisions. While the new fragrance came on the market in the 1920s, the demographic advertisers more likely than men to identify women as a target.
Coco Chanel marketed both her fashion line and her signature fragrance for females. It was not different (but perhaps less known) did Aromas of Time. Think Jean Patou joy, My Sin by Lanvin, Christmas Eve Caron, or even the Emeraude and Coty Muguet Bois.

Fragrance was mainly funded enterprises of fashion and the world of fashion target female customers. While there is nothing inherently male or female spinning quickly in products such as sunglasses or watches or clothes, Chanel and other top designers in a product line exclusively for women. The perfume was on the trip.

These fragrances are widely used in very feminine and expressed prepared container designed to hold up well in the toilet of an elegant woman. Chanel used the simplistic clean lines of numbers to pay homage to the classic bottle 5, is not female culture (his approach reflects clothing design). So if the bottle is adorned or colored (like cobalt blue bottle glorious night in Paris) or refined, the bottle was also part of the appeal of modern women.

It was not a coincidence that right after the big wave of fashion came the heyday of the glamorous movie stars. Marilyn Monroe, who dominated the film world in the 1950s, was a spokesman unpaid for Chanel No. 5, when asked what she wore in bed (The answer, sometimes called a "two drops of Chanel No. 5 "is always high class in the famous quote lists today.) So it was not long until the scent of being linked with fashion and glamor. (To impart Even today how celebrities of his name in the line of fragrance products, but perhaps the most interest today than commercial image.)

It would be difficult for men to this bottle of Chanel No.5 to achieve when Marilyn cooed over. But the idea of ​​perfume for sex is a relatively new concept.

For centuries before kings and nobles wore perfumes (including floral aromas). But a few years ago in the value of advertising Hardcore revolutionized the world of perfume in a party of women.

The appearance of products such as aftershaves and colognes for men (note that is never called "perfume" of men) tests to try to capture the attention of the modern people who somehow had the idea examined that fragrances are not for them. These early efforts of men perfume (Old Spice, Burma Shave, Aqua Velva, English leather) led to win a utilitarian theme. These are not the perfumes, which were produced so that connects aftershave.

Finally cologne men appear in the market and increasingly perfume appeared on the scene. However, the line was in place in some perfumes for men were and were not sure of flowers. The men wore perfumes that were sharp, leather, wood, light and fresh, or even musk.

Again, is that a modern concept, not a venerable tradition. Fragrance that attracts men of the French court in the 18th century were flowers and citrus beers.

Meanwhile, today, fragrances, which were found men reserved some resonance among women. In fact, recognize most perfume manufacturers today that women have an interest in many kinds of "masculine" fragrance and vice versa.

The appearance of the "fresh" perfume may have been an attempt to try to harmonize these worlds. Many fragrance products are now consciously ambiguous and light, as if trying to seduce women who are not happy with the sometimes complex and / or aromas of flowers in the women's division.

A recent on the idea of ​​male vs female fragrance milestone took place with Calvin Klein CK One. CK One was created as a single product and sold by men or women be used. It was under the name "a" marketed for men and women perfume. Since most of us do not really know much perfume, we thought the concept was revolutionary and delightfully modern. (By the way, CK One is a citrus, fragrant as the 4711 original colony and perfume cover gender, but from the 18th century).

Bond No. 9 fragrance Manhattan company offers many products eau de perfume, which she simply calls him "." One of my favorite flavors of their time in the genre is Gramercy Park, a fresh scent of pepper. Most women like perfume, but then gently ask, "Is this for women?" It is not a typical girly-girl aroma. Fortunately for perfume tremble vehicles, the manufacturer gives permission for men and women who put on this fragrance.

Maybe, maybe what the manufacturer says it should not be so important. After all perfume products are used by people who sold them for sale, not for the people who use them. In other words, traders always get to a "white" but this goal is not necessarily the whole universe of people interested in the product.

Apparently it is logical to keep separate the sexes at the entrance of perfume marketing. Brief offered by Calvin Klein CK One, came with a scent called IN2U that exists in two versions: one for each sex. The idea is that men and women use the same family of fragrances, but the products must be different, of course.

Really no reason for traditional fundamental way that apart from the fact make it seem that some of us feel more confident about our choice of perfume.

While the townsfolk, Tragically perfumers hip and unbearable, the most likely lines are considered in the perfume to cross gender, it is the fact the line we have now not only move and the disorder is largely artificial! There is no reason why women do not fresh, woody or tanned, wearing perfumes or why men should stay away from some of the classic fragrances.

Much depends on the way they are perfumes we like and how the perfume "work" in our skin is. Moreover, most people can not even say around us, begin when the aroma, they were for men or for women include manufactured and labeled. Moreover, this label does not mean a thing anyway!

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