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Tips for Becoming a Pro Basketball Player

By Nicolas

Most tips and guides you will read about becoming a professional basketball player will sound the same. They are usually true, but most people will just read them and keep on doing the same things they did before. This is why you should have the right mindset first before trying to become great at something.

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world, and a lot of money is involved. Every sport you can bet at the online casino is important because it means investors and people are spending money on it. But, when you become a pro, you won't be able to bet because it is prohibited.

Meet New People

Even if you need to work on your skills, you need to meet many people in the industry so you can have connections when choosing a team to play and other benefits. You don't have to meet the players but being on good terms with them is necessary for the team to function.

This is why coaches don't like arrogant players who want to do everything independently. The whole squad can get mad at them, which results in a bad game. 

The club owners and coaches are the most important people you can meet. It might not be ethical, but every coach will have a favorite player in the team that they will push forward.

One of the ways you can keep in contact with these people is to visit events regarding basketball. This doesn't only have to include tournaments but also charities and other meetups.

Highlight Your Plays

Thousands of players can play in the NBA but are stuck in a lower league club or are not even on any team. This is because of bad exposure and lack of interest. Every good play you make can earn you a spot on the team, which happened many times.

A great example of highlight players is the Ball brothers, that filmed every game when they were in high school and posted it on the internet. The videos gained a lot of views and scouts, so the potential in brothers. This eventually led them to the NBA, and now they have respectful careers in the sport.

If you don't have anyone to make videos for you, there are many freelancing websites where people can edit your videos; you will only have to film them. Your friend can do it with a phone nowadays, considering how great cameras are today.

Find an Agent

Your agent should be like a second father to you if you take your basketball career seriously because they can do miracles with careers. Some of the names in the industry are more popular than the players in the NBA, which means that they have a lot of respect from everyone.

Finding a good agent is very hard, considering that they won't take any player that tries to hire them because they already have many greats under their sleeve. But, they sometimes want to work with a player with great potential.

They will ask for a bigger cut out of your deals, but every player's dream is to play in the NBA. They are earning hundreds of millions of dollars out of players, but agents that work with around 30 players are at the top of the list.

Go Overseas

If you live in the US, going overseas can be a great experience, and you can learn a lot from the type of basketball that is played there. It's very different and not so attractive, but the skills you can acquire are very valuable. Just check the top players nowadays and where they came from, and you will realize how their play style differs.

For example, Nikola Jokic has a unique style where he slows down the game according to his needs and uses his passing skills as much as he can. There are a lot of great examples, and many players are switching clubs during the off-season just to learn more and earn extra cash.

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