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Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional

Posted on the 10 January 2018 by Techsemo
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
The IT industry is ever evolving and the DevOps profession is considered as one of the most satisfying and profitable career options today. Among the wide range of profiles in IT, this is something that is attracting plenty of aspirants. But, there is a lot of confusion about how to become a successful DevOps Engineer. So, this article will clear all of your doubts about this topic. We will cover following topics today;
  1. Mandatory Skill sets to become a DevOps Professional.
  2. Easy ways to become DevOps Professional.
You might have researched plenty of things if you really desire to get into this profile. In addition to having a strong desire to become a DevOps Professional, skillsets are something that opens the doors towards your goal. So, let’s discuss some detailed points about essential skill sets you must have before going ahead.
1. Mandatory Skill sets to become a DevOps Professional.

Hiring people for DevOps engineering roles keeps going on throughout the year and the reason is there are very fewer numbers of people that have sufficient skills for fulfilling this role. Here is a short list of skills that every interviewer will look for.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
  • Strong Technical Knowledge and Experience
  • Senior level System Administrator skills
  • Should be expert in Virtualization
  • Better Developer
  • Automation Experience
  • Real-time Cloud Experience
  • Good at customer behavior and customer service
Strong Technical Knowledge and Experience- DevOps Engineer is a purely technical profile and hence you need to be really strong in technical skills. You need to know about reputed as well as faulty domains, tolerance levels, etc. so that you don’t lack in technical aspects.
Senior level System Administrator - Make sure you have an impeccable knowledge (both practical as well as theoretical) about Linux or Windows Administrator depending upon the post you are applying for. Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
Should be expert in Virtualization - We are living in an era where virtualization has reached a whole new level. Having at least 3-year experience in Hyper-V, VMware or any other according to the private cloud is highly beneficial.
Better Developer - We are not living in the era where people still use CDs to install windows or Linux. Now, they directly trigger the download over the internet. DevOps engineer is the person who needs to write codes for them. So, you should know the writing scripts without any fail.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional Automation Experience - Devops Tools like ‘Chef’, Puppet, Ansible, GIT, etc. comes into the picture when we talk about automation. So if you search a good opportunity as a DevOps Engineer with knowledge and experience of automated tools, you will definitely be ahead of others.
Real-time Cloud Experience - There are very few people who come with deploying applications experience like in Google, Azure, Amazon AWS, etc. Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional It is all about designing and deploying the applications with the help of Azure, Google or Amazon AWS.

Good at customer behavior and customer service - Tolerance and Emotional intelligence are two skills that can help you. These two skills truly depend on what kind of person you are. You should have capability and patience to solve customer’s problems.

2. Easy ways to become DevOps Professional

i. Start the Cross Training Now - DevOps engineers should not be just an IT person, but should be a skilled and experienced developer. Deep knowledge of different tools, coding, etc. will take them ahead of other aspirants.
Tips and Skillsets To Become a Successful DevOps Professional
  • Train yourself to address the different type of daily requirements of a developer.
  • This training will equip all aspiring candidates with the much-needed skillset and knowledge of DevOps. You will be well aware of tools like Nagios, Mave, DataBase, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Docker, CVS, etc.
  • Prepare yourself well and get hands-on training on all the skillsets we discussed early in this article.
  • You will also know about different cultural practices, supporting tools, skills required for development, testing, operations, deployment, build and release, control system applications, integration concepts like working on Docker, notification systems, and many more.
ii. Focus on both practical as well as theoretical knowledge - Along with theoretical aspects it is important to focus on practical operations too.
iii. Gain sufficient experience in required skill sets - It's great if you are a developer and not just IT person. For becoming a successful DevOps professional, you should have deeper knowledge and experience in the tools that developers use.


We addressed most important skill sets you need to have for becoming a successful DevOps Engineer and also suggested few easy ways to get into this profile easily. Keep all discussed points in mind and prepare yourself for this fantastic career option.
Author Bio: Manchun Pandit loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. he has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. he currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. His work has been published on various sites related to Oracle DBA, Digital Marketing, Big Data Hadoop, Java, Dot net, SQL, Data Science, Salesforce, AWS, PMP, Devops, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

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