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How to Make Money off the Stuff Buried in Your Closet?

Posted on the 05 June 2018 by Techsemo
How to Make Money off the Stuff Buried in Your Closet
If you’re short on cash, or simply have too many items sitting around the house that you don't want to throw out, then you’re in luck, because there's a pretty good chance that clothes you don’t wear, unused phone chargers, and even phone cases all have value to someone, and the internet is here to help out.
Online Marketplaces
One of the more obvious places to offload your things sitting around the house is to make an account on some of the biggest marketplaces online and post an ad or item profile to sell it. If you do choose to do this, make sure to focus heavily on descriptions of your products, its tags as well as great photography. No one wants to see a new shirt thrown on top of a pile of old clothes; hang it up and make it look nice.
Make eBay, Gumtree (Australia) and Craigslist your best friend for this. They’re some of the most used marketplaces for people to buy and sell things, and if you do your homework, price your items correctly, and market them perfectly, you could be looking at some great returns.
If you’re selling designer clothing or luxury electronics like Apple products, you have to make sure labeling and other distinctive features are visible in the photos to make viewers not simply click off an item they assume is a knockoff.
Emerging marketplaces

There’s more out there than just eBay and Craigslist too, Facebook Marketplace is a behemoth in the second-hand selling space, as is Bountye. These services offer a more niche and direct service for selling your items, and that means faster sales, and often a higher price. People using these marketplaces know what they're looking for, and they know where to get it.
Bountye is special in this regard though, as the service works to merge the collective stock of a number of other marketplaces, making it a ‘superstore’ of sorts.

Rent your things
If you have items in your home that you don’t use a lot, but don’t want to sell them, there’s a great way to make money off these too. Items like sewing machines, game consoles, and older computers are perfect for this as you won’t use them a lot, but you may not want to sell them or throw them away.
Companies like Zilok allow their users to rent items for a daily fee, a great way to earn money on an item you’re not currently using. Coffee machines and game consoles can earn you upwards of $25 a day and clothing and costumes can fetch more than $50 per day!
These services are particularly helpful for businesses who just need to use an item for a few days for presentations or events, and these can result in projectors and other event related items renting for more than $600 per day.
Check before you bin it
Although there might seem like there’s no use for some of those unused items in the home, take some time to check whether they have some value online before you throw them into the garbage. There’s a really good chance that although you don’t have a use for it that someone else will! So don’t lose out on some extra cash because you didn’t check first! Clothing, electronics, and furniture all offer far better returns online than the bin, and you can even start a business by flipping items online.

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