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Timewave Graph October 9, 10, 11

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Timewave Graph October 9, 10, 11We'll be telescoping every three days or so into that fractally intriguing region of the Timewave we've all been anticipating for years now, the Zero point is fast approaching and the time of the old aeon is waning. 
I am looking forward to the thoughts, analyses, and comments of our experts here at Planet Buddha. For me personally, checking the timewave has always been divinatory in the quantum-entangled sense of superposition of processes of involution and collective processes (from local to planetary, and beyond). That's the fractal beauty of the timewave, it's an Indra's Net of interpenetrations.
Timewave Graph October 9, 10, 11We are zooming in to the area shown above.  

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