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Time to Stop Wearing Tights

By Alexa Alfonso @lexlovescouture

On Saturday, I was out to brunch. It was beautiful day in the mid 60′s. You know, the type of day where all you need is a light jacket or cardigan? It was also the type of day where you can get away with wearing a cute flowy dress sans tights and feel comfortable. At the brunch I attended, there were many girls who did not get the tights memo.

Personally, I hate tights—vehemently. The polar vortex that was this past winter has made me feel such a deep loathing for these nylon spandex contraptions. At the first sign of mildly “warm” weather, I ditched the tights and never looked back. So, I will admit that my opinion is slightly bias. That being said, we all must acknowledge that there are fashion rules that must be observed.

It took a little while for spring to show her beautiful face, but I think we can all agree that she is here to stay. What does this mean? It is time to lose the tights and suck it up fashionistas! You may be a little chilly at times, but your legs and your adorable spring wardrobe will thank you.

Tights are a fall/winter staple and are no longer appropriate at the end of April. I made some allowances because it was a chilly (and sometimes snowy) start to spring. At this point though, enough is enough. It is simply not okay anymore. Tights are the leg equivalent to wearing your down jacket, which might I add is also NOT okay.

One tip for going tights free is wearing tall boots with your skirts/dresses. If the weather takes a sudden dip then in lieu of wearing tights, wear pants. It seems like an obvious resolution, but some ladies feel the need to force the dress. You don’t have to wear it. You can look just as cute and feminine in the right pair cropped slim cut pants.

Say no to tights fashionistas. It is time to show off those beautiful legs you have been hiding all winter. You do not need to fall victim to this fashion faux pas!

Check out some tights free style essentials below:

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xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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