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Time to Play Catch Up. These Catch up Blogs Are Becoming ...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Time to play catch up. These catch up blogs are becoming a habit I need to stop.
First of all, I need to share a phone call with you that I got yesterday. It went something like this:
(ring ring)
Me: Hello
Her: Kathy.....
Me: Yea (crap she never calls me with good news)
Her: Where are the boys?
Me: uhhhh.......(crap, I suck) I'm not sure exactly......(where the hell are those kids and what have they done now) Why? Is something wrong? (oh my gawd I'm gonna kill em')
Her: Look out your front door.
Me: bleep, bleep, bleepity, bleep. (smoke is rolling out of the woods and the wind is gusting 210 mph)
Her: We are on our way to help put it out.
Now, do you think the neighbor knew my kids were somehow involved in this fire was a lucky guess? Don't answer that.
The last few days have been a whirlwind. Eli has had a terrible few days. I was hoping I was catching the blunt of the tantrums but a phone call from his teacher today confirmed his mood change. He had been doing so wonderful. Then, the rug gets jerked out from under us. The screaming, crying, drawing his fist and growling starts. I had to make that dreaded call to his Dr today and plead for a home visit. Hats off to her. She was here and ready to tackle his mood with me. That's all I going to say about him tonight. These violent mood swings go with the territory and I can handle it. I AM handling it.
I had a appointment today to register for classes. Yesterday at 915 I checked my voice mails and realized WKU had left me a message. I returned it. They informed my my time had been changed to 10 yesterday. SERIOUSLY!! It was 915. I looked like lukewarm death. I had no time to cover my age spots. No time to wash the jello pudding out of my hair. No time to brush my teeth. (I literally polished my teeth off with the inside of the shirt I'd had on since the day before and ate some tooth pastes running out the door) There was no time to bribe a sitter. How do people do this? I can't be rushed. I have to have everything written down days ahead of time. What where they thinking? Did they not check out my DOB and see rushing puts me at risk for falling and breaking a hip?
After arriving I was a nervous wreck. I had to bring my 2 year old to register. I'm sure this looked real cute to these 20 something year olds running around with their perfect hair, ironed clothes and perky.........ears. I  thought they would have looked at me and smirked. Not the case tho. They adored Evyn. He turned the heads of everyone there. I'd like to think it was because they had 4 children as well just like him at home but lets be honest's because they were so close in age. :)  Clearly their hips had never passed 4 children through them. And their perky.......ears......had never nursed a kid either!Time to play catch up. These catch up blogs are becoming ...
In the end I registered, toured the campus and was ID'd. Yay. When I look at this picture I see what you don't. A little farther down was a 22 month old latched on to my leg with a death grip. He had on jeans, a blue button down shirt and tennis shoes. He was there the day his mommy changed his life. And he flirted with a few young thangs.
Tonight me and the boys all sat in the living room and watched Diary of Wimpy Kid. It was a lovely end to a hectic couple of days. Now, me and this heart burn/acid reflux are hitting the sack.

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