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Time To Make Sure We Are The Fittest Survivors

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Time To Make Sure We Are The Fittest Survivors

It’s the day after Christmas and even though my wife and I don’t spend alot on gifts we usually do get each other a few small special gifts. For the past several years survival and saving money have been high on our list of priorities.

We were (as I know all the people at FOTM were) expecting a different result from the last election and a turnaround with a new government, but the criminal Obama regime with it’s voter fraud, voter intimidation and vote tampering has put us in a precarious situation that has a large percentage of the American populace preparing for the worse.

Preparing to counteract a government that has turned against the people and instead enjoying the fruits of our labor we wonder what life will be like six weeks, six months or one year from now. Knowing that if drastic measures are not taken by our government to curb spending and cut entitlements then our country could look and feel very differently in the next 1-2 years. The riots in Greece and elsewhere in Europe will not seem so foreign because they will be happening here and on a much larger scale.

I often heard people say that Obama is probably a good guy who has just made some bad decisions, to which I say BULLSH*T! Obama is a cold, calculated socialist cut from the same cloth as Lenin, Stalin and Mao and like them, he will eventually turn to violent means to push his agenda. We are talking a despot here that has no regard for the people or laws of this country, his singular focus is domination.

I don’t claim to have the answers or solutions to our problems but I don’t accept the premise of surrender, subjugation or giving in, right now I just believe we must survive and be ready for the inevitable fight that is coming our way.

Tom in NC

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