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Time-sucking Android Game Apps

Posted on the 11 October 2012 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Ok, so I have a tablet. And one of the best and horribly worst things about it is the ridiculously all-too-available game apps. I have a rather extensive collection, in fact. And I call them, the mighty ‘Paradox Games’.


This is because even though they’re so, so simple, the more time you spend on them notching up levels, the more of a challenge they become. Even though they are extremely undemanding, they’re also sneakily time-consuming; and even though –right from the start, through the middle and all the way to the end – you’re always incredibly, incredibly bored, they’re actually –somehow – really, really fun.

It’s because of all this that a perfectly understandable attempt to kill a moment of boredom so, so regularly devolves into the type of all-night marathon session that finds me with strained, blood-shot eyes,hunched over my machine at four in the morning, suddenly consumed with shame, yet somehow completely unable to stop myself clicking ‘retry’ just one more time.

And, I just can’t stop downloading new ones. I’m an addict. To help you compile, or avoid a little mine-zone or mobile apps, I’ve put together a little list of my top time-killers-stroke-wasters:


Nothing sums up this little beauty more succinctly than its’ massive opening statement: ‘SWIPE TO TURN, JUMP, AND SLIDE!’.There really is absolutely, nothing, nothing more to it. And, of course, it’s only ever a simple mistake that screws you over. Which means no matter how many times you hurl yourself into oblivion, or get pounced on by evil demon monkeys (game awesomeness guaranteed), you’re always filled with the utter conviction that you can and will do better next time. Even though you never, ever do.

Racing Moto

Yes, I know. Almost child’s play. In fact, so much so that my 5 year old nephew picked it up instantly (he was rubbish though).Racing Moto has me tilting my tablet around like a crazy person (I advise keeping your elbows away from anything solid). It has also resulted in some pretty serious road rage, with me screaming unspeakable things at in-game drivers (nephew was not in ear-shot, I promise). Naturally,they cause the collisions. It’s not my fault if aim of the game is to career along at hundreds of miles an hour in rush hour traffic.


I wish, wish, I was not a Cogs-addict. The number of times I’ve ‘justified’ a wasted afternoon playing this game with the words ‘intellectually stimulating’. If onlythat excuse was vaguely convincing, even to me. The fact is, the puzzles are 3D, they often involve pipes, and once, if you’re lucky, you manage to inflate a balloon. It’s not exactly string theory. Still, it is visually stunning and I usually parade the phrase ‘brilliantly imaginative’. My type of brain totally mops this stuff up.

Fruit Ninja

YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF FRUIT NINJA!!! Impossible. But don’t you just hate fruit?  Don’t you just want to kill it?  With a sword?  Like a NINJA?If your answer to any, all, none, some, many, most, or a few of those questionswas ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘what?’,and/or ‘maybe’, then you will probably love this game. Because everyone does.

Angry Birds

It’s Angry Birds. ’Nuff said.

And if not, here’s a needlessly extensive psychological breakdown, I mean a breakdown of a needlessly extensive, no…well something about what makes Angry Birds so addictive. Enjoy!

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