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Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams

Posted on the 17 April 2014 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

timber timbre 620x620 TIMBER TIMBRES HOT DREAMS

post player play black TIMBER TIMBRES HOT DREAMS post player play TIMBER TIMBRES HOT DREAMS Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams SoundCloud

It doesn’t take long for Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams to register itself as one of the most curious albums of 2014. The Canadian outfit’s fifth full-length feature is an odd, off-kilter, yet continuously engaging landscape of sounds. To name just a few of its interesting mechanics, Hot Dreams throws into the mix: creepy, lingering bass grooves, atmospheres plucked from 1950s science fiction, bold brass and string sections and skewed harmonies peeled from the surface of 60s pop music. The songs are a quintessential and arousing rendition of cinematic Americana, if said Americana was being pulled through David Lynch’s interpretation of the Nevada desert.

As wonderfully appealing as this sounds (and believe me, at times it truly is), be warned — the record doesn’t exactly jump-start into action. In fact, it’s slowed down considerably by the opening track. Not to mention, along its journey, the music seems to suffer from sporadic bouts of inconsistency where quality is concerned. However, when Hot Dreams is on point, it produces its fair share of gems for all to see, hear and experience. “Resurrection Drive, Part II”, with it’s scratchy string arrangements, and the distorted note-bending on “Bring Me Simple Men” with both give listeners chills. “This Low Commotion” is a melancholy waltz that drills down to soulful territories, and “Curtains?!”, well what can I say about “Curtains?!” – its gothically-inclined grind house strut is one of my favorite things committed to wax this year.

By pushing their parameters further afield and embracing a more alternative train of thought, Timber Timbre has uncovered a wealth of potential in the sounds and styles used here. I, for one, hope they keep pursuing this avenue, as I think there’s plenty of good to come from it if they do.

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