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By Plot58 @plot58
TIMBER!!!.......... In my garden at home we had a wonderful Eucalyptus tree it was planted the first year we moved in and it was only a small shrub about 3ft tall but over the years it has got taller and taller and we turned it into a tree, but the last 2 harsh winters has taken its toll on the poor thing and all the leaves kept falling off and on an evergreen Eucalyptus once there gone there gone. The result is that it’s all up top and nothing down below so to speak. So after a bit of research I found that Eucalyptus lends its self to coppicing and comes back stronger. So several books and articles later last Wednesday I got the saw out and cut her down. I had to shout “TIMBER” just because I will never get the chance again, and the moment got to me (the wife gave me that “don’t be stupid” look) but it was worth it!



The garden looks a little bare without it now but there is always a silver lining. I had 4 nice size stumps that I thought I would have a go at growing mushrooms on down the plot. At first I wasn’t sure that I could use this wood but again after a bit of research and some friends on twitter I found I could. I have always wanted to grow mushrooms and never could get hold of the right wood for the job and the kits don’t really appeal to me, does anyone else grow mushrooms or have in the past I would love to hear from you and how it went for you.

Other things that have been going on this week, the last raised bed was finally dug over and  finished with a sprinkle of chicken manure ready for this year’s crops.
I can’t believe how much the pear tree has come on since last week it really has put on growth and the buds are fit to burst. The strawberries are romping away too and there are flowers everywhere


The path

All that’s left to sort out is the “path” between my plot and my neighbours, they haven’t really done much on their plot since they got it last year and the path has been left and only given a little tidy every so often when the weeds get too bad that they encroach on my plot. So I have a length of landscape fabric left that I have ear marked for this job all I need to do now is get my hands on a petrol strimmer  and chop them down. Then hopefully this won’t be such a problem this year.



Enjoy your Easter whatever your planning   
as ever there are more pics on my facebook page

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