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Tight Pants Harm Male Fertility

By Periscope @periscopepost
Tight pants harm fertility

Men: Time to ditch the tight pants? photo: Dawn - Pink Chick

The background

It’s good news for obese male smokers who like a drink or three: healthy living does not affect fertility, according to new research from Manchester and Sheffield Universities. Wearing tight pants, however, was found to have an impact on the quality of sperm.

Time to rethink NHS guidelines?

“Under NHS guidelines issued in 2004, GPs are supposed to warn men diagnosed with infertility of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs,” wrote Jenny Hope at The Daily Mail. But the new findings seem to suggest this advice is not relevant to fertility: “Our results suggest that many lifestyle choices probably have little influence on how many swimming sperm they have,” said study leader Dr Andrew Povey. Smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity were found to be of little or no importance to sperm quality.

Impact on couples trying for a baby

The new research may have implications for how GPs should deal with couples who are experiencing fertility problems. “Delaying fertility treatment then for these couples so that they can make changes to their lifestyles, for which there is little evidence of effectiveness, is unlikely to improve their chances of a conception and, indeed, might be prejudicial for couples with little time left to lose,” said Dr Povey, according to the BBC.

But guidelines still apply for wider health issues

“In spite of our results, it’s important that men continue to follow sensible health advice and watch their weight, stop smoking and drink alcohol within sensible limits,” said Sheffield University’s Dr Allan Pacey, reported the BBC.

Ditch the tighty-whities if you want to be a dad

“To make healthy sperm, the testicles need to be a degree or two below body temperature, which is why evolution has seen to it that they hang outside in their own sac, where it’s cooler,” reported Jeremy Laurance for The Independent. “Tight Y-fronts risk reversing what millions of years of evolution have achieved.” Loose boxer shorts are apparently more testicle-friendly.

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