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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
    Who remembers Kipper ties ? I was a dedicated follower of fashion in the mid 60's and 70's. Making my own clothes to keep up with the latest trends. In the late 60's I liked to wear trouser suits with the trousers having 24" bottoms ! As part of the image I made Kipper ties. Well I met a rather sophisticated young man ( well I thought he was rather, as he had his own 'pad' room someone else's house ) . He took me out to the pictures a couple of times and then asked me to make him a shirt and a Kipper tie. I still recall the shirt. I chose a brushed cotton Paisley pattern fabric...the shirt collar being a dog- eared design with a vibrant peach coloured tie . WOW ! It took me a few weeks to make it and I presented it to him for Christmas. can guess the rest . He promptly ' finished ' with me ! It was very hurtful of him. Anyway he wasn't really much of a boyfriend and as I grew older I came to the conclusion that he was homosexual and that I had been used as a ' front ' in order to keep up appearances with his friends. I'd also been used to provide him with a lovely brightly coloured shirt and tie !
    In keeping with the 1960's I am submitting a piece written by me in August 1968.
                   Thoughts at the Palace Ballroom in Aberdeen.
Silhouetted figures on the background of blue moved to and fro with the rhythm from the group.
I felt myself slipping slowly into a trancelike state and everything moved with a frenzy of feelings and emotions.
Then I finally joined the swirl of writhing bodies, music pulsating in my brain.
Gardens where flowers bloomed were all around me.
I plucked a rose from a tender bough and breathed in its sweet perfume.
Then I took a daisy from among the deep green grass and pulling its petals I cried....
            "He loves me...he loves me not,
             He loves me ....he loves me not,
             He loves me....he loves me !
             HE LOVES ME !!! "
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