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Tibidabo: The Most Overrated Place in Barcelona

By Adventuresinamyland

All the guidebooks for Barcelona say that “The mountain of Tibidabo is the best vantage point for views of the city.” Those guidebooks are either wrong, or just plain lying. If you like tourist traps then by golly this is the place for you. The whole point of this place is the church with Jesus on top looking over the city, yet someone came up with the great idea of putting a carnival there too.

Tibidabo: The Most Overrated Place in Barcelona

On top of the carnival, you have to pay two euro for a ten second elevator ride and the only place with food will charge you six euro for a sandwich that appears to be made by little five year olds with grimy hands. If you want an authentic view of the city go to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya near the Parc de Montjuïc. You can sit on the steps in front of the Museum and there are guys that play the guitar and flute (apparently these guys have played there every night for years). The whole ambiance is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable than Tibidabo, and it’s free.

Tibidabo: The Most Overrated Place in Barcelona

This is a bit shaky, but you get the point!

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By  Thecleverpup
posted on 11 April at 13:47
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Don't you hate that when it happens. I was told the view from the ferris wheel in Vienna was spectacular. It was totally ho-hum.