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Spike #2 Announcement!

By Adventuresinamyland

Just in case you’re like my mother who didn’t understand in the slightest the “Next project is in the land of Hanson!” text that I ecstatically sent her late one night I’ll spell it out for you:  T U L S A! 


The Denver campus does things a little differently than the other NCCC campuses when it comes to project selection. Mainly, we use a lottery system. For this first round my TL got a low pick (in the bottom half) which means for this upcoming round our team got a high pick. We poured through the projects packet, each picked out two projects that we wanted, and then put the numbers into a tin and randomly picked them out to rank from one through ten.

This is where it gets interesting (well, for me at least!). I’ve been absolutely dying for some administrative/office work in a type of setting that will actually allow me to feel somewhat productive. Since it’s tax season coming up there were quite a few projects that deal with financial literacy and working with low-income families to help them file their tax returns. Structure? Paperwork? Set deadlines? Perhaps my very own little cubicle?! Yes, please!

Well, whaddya know the two project numbers I put into the tin, numbers eighteen (Tulsa) and ten (Kansas City), were drawn out to be our first and second pick. I’m pretty sure the rest of my team is going to hate me for eternity, but I don’t mind because we get to work in an office, with (hopefully) actual professionals, and explore Oklahoma!

And we get to live in an extended stay hotel which means I can cross that little to-do item off of my life goals list.

To recap…

Who: Water 5
What organization: Community Action Project Tulsa
Where: Tulsa, OK
When: January 12th-March 22nd

Denver has been great, but I think we’re all ready to move on to a new location and most definitely a new project.

Amy x

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