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Thyroid Eye Disease: Facts to Know

By Allyson3james
Thyroid eye disease: Facts to know

Call it thyroid eye disease or graves eye disease, it is one and the same thing. It is basically an autoimmune condition wherein immune cells attack the thyroid gland that responds with secreting extra amount of thyroid hormones. This changes the size of the thyroid gland that increases the metabolism. Hence one can call this hyper metabolic state, which is categorized by quick pulse or heartbeat, profuse sweating/palpitations, irritability, high BP, fatigue, irritability and loss of weight along with issues like hair loss and other things in your body. Eyes are among the most vulnerable organs when anyone has this condition. This in turn attacks the eye muscles and connecting tissues found inside the eye socket. This can only occur when the tissues are seen having proteins, which in turn similar to the immune system as found in the thyroid gland. This condition can be also found out when the level of thyroid hormone found in the blood are seen low or normal depending upon the amount of glandular stimulation that hampers the immune attack and with the thyroid gland damages that are found during the diagnosis of the same. Now, let's check certain key facts about this condition as under:

Causes and symptoms

As per the research, the real cause of thyroid eye disease is the presence of autoimmune ailment. An imbalance or recognition issues that occur in the immune system is responsible for this problem. The immune system usually secures human body from foes like viruses and bacteria apart from securing from the abnormal cells like cancer. In this condition, the immune system establishes the abnormal reactions found in the muscles and fatty tissues over the eyes. Though you can find a number of patients with this disease can have abnormal blood tests for the thyroid hormone levels, there are certain people who are seen with these thyroid hormone level symptoms. Though it is vital to keep the hormone level in a right level yet this will not assure you the fact that one cannot have this condition. Hence anyone regardless of the normal or abnormal levels of hormones can have this eye condition.

As far as the symptoms of the thyroid eye diseases are concerned, the following are the common ones, let's check them out:

  • Swelling over the eyelids and tissuessurrounding the eye
  • Anendless stare
  • Eyelid retraction
  • Dry eyes/grit sensation/irritation experienced in your eye
  • Redness and watering of eyes
  • Light Sensitivity
  • A kind of pressure over the eye sockets
  • Double vision and loss of vision

If you experience the above symptoms, make sure you better report to a competent doctor for an evaluation.

Treatment and prevention of thyroid eye disease

The treatment for this ailment is usually carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the active eye disease is treated, which can last for around 2-3 years and simply need a careful monitoring until it becomes stable. The treatment during this phase simply focuses over the securing the sight and along with checking up with the integrity of your cornea along with catering quality treatment for the double vision is carried out when it interferes with the day to day functioning and hampers your condition. Generally a majority of patients are seen getting the relief from the dray eyes with the help of artificial tears in the entire day and gels or have some ointments at the night time. The common treatment options for this treatment come with options like corticosteroids or with any anti-inflammatory medications along with options like radiation and surgery.


If you are unfortunately the one who is the victim of this condition, better see a competent ophthalmologist who all is skilled in this domain. There are several ways of fixing this problem, which include medications and even surgeries.

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