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Thursday Thoughts

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

Last Wednesday I did a random post and it's kind of nice to just write stuff down and not have to worry about making a point.  It also gives me a chance to put up some interesting things that might not "fit" otherwise but I think are worth discussing.  There's not much going on in the market at the moment and we went over a massive amount of stuff in Member Chat between last night and this morning, so plenty to read over there if you want to know about today's markets.  

Thing number one is thanks to Manix at SeekingAlpha for reaffirming my faith in Social Discourse.  I mentioned yesterday that my post on Income Inequality has sparked a spirited debate on SA and, as our Members are well aware, I'm not a big fan of people who like to debate using Fox talking points and zero facts, so I can get a bit testy with them.  It made me feel very good that at least one person reading over at Seeking Alpha gets that as Manix commented: 

Phil supports his opinions with facts and if he disagrees with someone else's opinion, he'll disintegrate it with …. facts. That doesn't prevent that someone else from presenting a counter-argument that is also fact-based, but I rarely see such rebuttals …

for obvious reasons.

Let's face it: Phil doesn't suffer fools lightly. If someone writes an opinion that doesn't deserve to stand on its own merit, Phil will make sure that readers will see why he thinks it lacks merit. Few 'wrong-headed' opinions will be left unscathed, less they gain some sort of traction. After all, this is HIS column. Disagree with his views all you want, but be prepared to give a cogent argument for them, less you be taken out to the woodshed for posting nonsense.

Thursday ThoughtsThat's great, I'm done now and can die in peace because that will make a fine eulogy!  Anyway, it's generally like Sodom and Gomorrah in these public chat rooms (which is what led me to start a private site in the first place) but every once in a while I do find a righteous man out there, and it renews my faith in people and makes me feel like it's still worth trying to do my little bit to…

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