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Thursday's Timesuck

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Warning: The following post will not enhance your interiors at all.
Guess where I've been wasting time? No, its not a mugshot. Thursday's Timesuck Its my before shot for my hairdo montage.  I was bored and had a lot of work to do, so I thought I'd procrasinate and try on a hairstyle or twenty two.  I needed some "me" time.
Thursday's Timesuck My fave, the Heidi Klum. Even my boobs feel bigger with this one, nein?
Thursday's Timesuck The Demi scared me. I felt a bit pinheaded too. Super straight and I don't mix. I dyed my hair black in highschool and never did it again.
Thursday's Timesuck "Hey kids, who needs a ride to soccer?"
Thursday's Timesuck I highlight the crap out of my hair normally, but this might be a bit much.
Thursday's Timesuck This freaked me out because I looked so much like my sister K.K.... See?... Not that thats a bad thing. Thursday's Timesuck
Thursday's Timesuck Yeah, no.
And finally bangs... SO wish I could rock them, but this do makes me feel like I should churn some butter and sew a flag...
Thursday's Timesuck I did find a better site  here that lets you try more styles out and wont constantly try to get you to upgrade. Or go here if you like that kind of harassment and try the above dos.  Now go kill time and make your own montage. Happy timesuck people!  xo

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