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Thursday Ramblings.

By Agadd @ashleegadd

I can’t write this week, so today you get ramblings instead.

1. Jury duty is ridiculous. Before you lecture me on my civic duty, let me clarify: my experiences with jury duty have been ridiculous. First of all, I have been summoned for jury duty EIGHT TIMES. Yes, eight. Out of the eight times, I have been forced to show up twice. One of those times was yesterday. And do you know what the case was? Petty theft, on account of ONE stolen hair product from a grocery store. Yes, you read that correctly. I literally had to stifle my laughter when the judge read it aloud. REALLY, justice system?! Did you really just make 75 people drive all the way to the courthouse, take the day off work, find babysitters, etc, to listen to some woman defend herself against the charge of a stolen bottle of hairspray? IS THIS WHERE OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE GOING?! Thank goodness I was excused because I would have been VERY bitter if THAT was my first experience serving on a jury.

2. If you’re not already a mom and plan on becoming one someday, please note: it takes 8-10 weeks to order a crib in the color you want. Also, the childbirth class teachers will judge you with their voices if you call 10 weeks before your due date to sign up. Just an FYI. Start that crap in your second trimester if you can.

3. We got our car back! Oh, did I mention that our car was wrecked, AGAIN? Brett got hit almost a month ago coming home from basketball one morning. Some guy in a truck spun out in the intersection and nailed him on the passenger side. Yes, he’s okay. I just thought you all should know that when I said my car was cursed, I wasn’t lying. On a positive note, I’m assuming our body shop has some sort of deal where after the first two accidents, the third one is free?

4. I have eaten the exact same lunch four days in a row: sandwich (whole wheat bread slathered in caesar dressing, fresh carved low sodium no-nitrate turkey, cheddar cheese, handful of spinach) / sun chips / apple slices / chocolate milano cookies. It’s become the highlight of my entire day, every day. Seriously, try it.

5. I joined a gym. I only paid for thirty days in case I hate it, but we sold the treadmill and it’s been so dang windy that I can’t always walk outside for fear of allergy attacks. Notes on the gym: WHY is it necessary to play loud obnoxious music when every single person in the room has headphones in their ears? Also, why is it necessary to turn four of the eight TVs to CNN? Especially at 2:00pm when the room is full of stay-at-home-moms and all we want to watch is Bravo? AND WHY DO YOU HIDE THE REMOTES BEHIND THE DESK, carefully guarded by the sixteen year old boy? He doesn’t need to know about my secret addiction to the real housewives, especially after staring at my belly with pity in his eyes.

6. The Violet is giving away two bras (!!!). I’m wearing mine right now. It’s awesome. Speaking of The Violet, our spring issue is going to kick ass. I don’t want to hype it up too much, but I think it might be our best one yet. Get. Excited. (p.s. shameless plug: if you’re interested in advertising, e-mail me at [email protected])

7. THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE. I need to re-read the book and get my Team Peeta t-shirt ready, ASAP.

8. Tyrone Wells is coming to Sacramento! March 28, save the date.

9. We booked our maternity photos with my longtime photographer crush EPlove! Lyndzee is flying out to Sacramento for the day and we are basically going to be bffs in no time. Now I just need to find the perfect outfit. Or three.

10) It’s almost my birthday (!!!!!!!) which means…..I’M GETTING AN IPAD. The new, pretty, fancy one. Be jealous.

How’s your week? Any ramblings to share?

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