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#ThrowbackThursday & Childhood Stories!

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I thought I would share with y'all a wee picture of me as a baby with my gran and grandad. I wish I had my grannys hair color and my grandads skin tone but never mind. Instead I got grannys skintone and grandpa's hair LOL! 
#ThrowbackThursday & Childhood Stories!
ANYWAYS! How cute do I look here? I mean not being big headed, but I think I was so much cuter as a baby than I am now.  Could you imagine a baby's head on top of an adults body? LOL! sorry, I'm honestly loosing it.
I thought that seeing as I shared a little #throwbackthursday with you, that I would also share some funny childhood stories & fun little facts about me as a little 'un.
- I've always been a chubster. Seriously, when I was in Primary School I was the biggest kid in my year (keeping in mind there were only 11 people in my year though haha!)
- I went to a teeeeeny tiny primary school in Scotland that had 38 pupils at that time. 
- I was a huuuge Boyzone fan.  I used to have posters ALL over my walls, I had a BZ pencil case, alarm clock and even the stickers. Wow I was such a cool kid!
- My sisters and I are really close in age and our parents used to dress us like triplets, despite the fact we could not look more different! 
- I was in a band at primary school called "All Four" with 3 of my friends and we used to make dance routines up for the school and sing along. My school teacher once found the song words we had written out  to All Saints 'Never Ever' and thought someone had written a secret letter to someone and was really upset about it! Woops!
- Since the whole 'All Four' band thing, I decided to continue singing, I played the role of SANTA CLAUS and sang solo's at the Christmas play and during High School I went on to win a few singing competitions.
- Before I started up Youtube and my blog, I had a youtube channel where I used to sing and people would often tell me I sounded like Christina Aguilera or Beyonce, probably because I spent my time trying to sound like other singers and because of that I realised I was never going to be the next Christina, because I am Holly and needed to work on sounding like me, rather than other people!
So there's a few fun childhood stories about me!
Hope you didn't laugh too hard! LOL
I'd love to hear some of your childhood stories and see some #throwbackthursday 's! so please share them with me in the comments below!
All My Love...
Holly xxx

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