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Throwback Thursday: Sailor's Delight

By Slvintage @SLVintage
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This week's Throwback Thursday picture came to us from "W.T", and is of a family member in the 1930s.  The picture has worn a bit with age, but eight decades will do that! It's still a wonderful shot featuring a great vintage outfit. 
Throwback Thursday: Sailor's Delight
The 1930s were an exciting time in fashion for women as many donned pants and blouses in lieu of the more traditional skirts and dresses.  The trousers were high-waisted with large full legs that hit the ankle. Look familiar?  They should! This style of pant had a resurgence in the late 1960s and 1970s and are back in a big way currently.  
I love this picture so much.  I especially like the adorable sailor button detailing on the front of the trousers. If you look closely you can see that the cap-sleeve shirt also has button detailing on it creating a full outfit effect! Just darling. Sailor inspired outfits were also a hot trend in the 1930s, specifically for women.  Everything from dresses and trousers to bathing suits were adorned with sailor stripes, double breasted buttons, and jumper flaps.  The color "Navy Blue" was also concieved. Nautical themed wear has never completely gone out of style, with elements of it popping up in every decade since. 
Many thanks to "W.T" for sharing this vintage fashion moment with SLV.  We will have another great one for you next Thursday!

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