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Throwback Thursday: Boho Chic

By Slvintage @SLVintage
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Today's Throwback Thursday was sent to us by Angela Cockburn. The picture was taken in the early 1980s (I know vintage already...time flies!), however the clothing is from the late 1970s. Throwback Thursday: Boho Chic Recent parents Angie and David were heading out for a well deserved date night when a family member snapped this shot.  I love how the wide-sleeve top creates a shawl effect. Wide-sleeve tops have become quite popular again recently, very flowy and bohemian.  Although not pictured, the skirt is maxi length, another item that has become a summer fashion staple for ladies once more. Angie has belted the top for a more defined waist, a practical accessory that balances the top and bottom of the outfit. Although this outfit has a vintage look, there is not one piece of clothing that would not work well in a modern closet! It is a testament to the cyclical nature of fashion because great pieces never really go out of style. A huge thank you to Angela (and David!) for sharing this vintage fashion moment with SLV! More to come next Thursday.

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