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Throwback Thursday

By Nikki Sumner @gamergirl0621

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday.
Today my trip down memory lane is the television programmes of my childhood and youth, so lets see how many you also remember.
So to start off we have Bod which I loved as a child and my favorite character was Aunt Flo as whenever she came in she would twirl round! 
Next up is The Flumps, who can forget Pootle, Posey and Grandpfather Flump and I bet you are singing the theme tune in your head whilst reading this!! 
                                                                      The amazing and quite trippy Jamie and The Magic Torch they just don't make them like this anymore!!       
   Did anyone else watch Moondial based on the book by Helen Cresswell? This was on in 1988 when I was thirteen and totally captivated and scared me all at the same time!
   A slightly more obscure one this time The Children of the Dog Star which I think was from New Zealand. I think it was about aliens and was quite strange and also seems to be a programme that alot of people don't remember!
 Finally I end on what I think is still one of the funniest moments on television ever- yes Morecambe and Wise with Andre Previn (Mr Preview) I defy you not to laugh!!! 
Sorry I couldn't mention more as there are so many things I watched as a child but these were all my favourites so please enjoy!!
Throwback Thursday  

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