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Through My Lens : A Snow Day

By Rolala @rolalaloves
NYC Winter, City Hall New York
So on Monday night, New York City like most of the Northeast braced itself for the winter storm known as Juno or snowpocalypse 2015 as some people were calling it. Well no records were broken with the snowfall totals which is fine by me but much of the city remained shut down early on the next day as the sanitation dept. worked to clear up the streets and the transit dept. slowly restored our mass transportation systems. I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood to see how it fared and I brought my camera with me. I'm rather fond of days like this in the city because there's such a peaceful quality to it. Yes those are the court buildings and steps that you may have seen in many television and film productions set in NYC. As I've mentioned before, I have a love/hate relationship with the white stuff. 

Does it snow where you live? How do you feel about it?

NYC Winter, Foley Square, Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse at 40 Centre StreetREAD ON ≫
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