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Thrifty Thursday: Must Haves Items on Your Baby Registry Checklist

By Peaceloveorganicmom
When I was pregnant with my each of my daughters, I registered at a couple of different stores and was given a super long list of all the things I would "need". The problem with these lists is that they are more of a marketing tool for these companies to get you to buy extras that really aren't necessary.  I have created a checklist of the items that I needed and used the most with my daughters. Hope this helps all of you expecting mom's sort through what you actually need before baby's big arrival :)
Coming Home Outfit (this isn't necessary, but it is a nice keepsake to have)
6-8 Receiving Blankets (these are perfect and have way more functionality than just a blanket- I used them to catch milk when nursing my daughter and as a burp cloth)
1-2 Swaddlers (baby will love to be swaddled tight at bed and nap-times for her first couple months of life)
6-8 Long/Short Sleeved Onesies
3-5 Pants
Jacket, Hat, Mittens (depending on season)
3-4 Gowns
8-19 Socks (socks are also perfect to use in place of no-scratch mittens)
1-2 Caps
*It's also a good idea to buy these items in a variety of sizes since your baby will continue to grow!
Rectal Thermometer (this is the most accurate reading of baby's temperature)
Nasal Aspirator
Baby Gate
Outlet Covers
Baby Monitor
First Aid Kit
Car Seat (Most states will not allow you to leave the hospital without one)
10-12 Bibs
Bottles (if applicable)
Breast Pump
Breast Milk Storage Bags
Insulated Bottle Bag
Nursing Pillow (this isn't really a necessity but is nice to have in the first weeks to help position baby comfortably while breastfeeding- a regular pillow would work just fine too)
2-3 Nursing Bras (Definitely will need these! Normal bras do not work and underwire can cause clogged ducts)
Breast Pads (an infinite amount of these or get reusables :))
Infant feeding spoon
Sippy Cup
High Chair
Infant Bathtub (or you can just use your kitchen sink when baby is still little)
Diapers and Wipes
Diaper Cream
Baby Lotion
Pack & Play
2-4 Pack & Play Sheets
Crib Mattress
2-4 Crib Sheets
Bouncer Chair
Baby Sling/Carrier (Great hands-free way of carrying baby)

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