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Thrifty Thursday: Money Saving Tips to Reduce Your Weekly (Organic) Grocery Bill

By Peaceloveorganicmom
Thrifty Thursday: Money Saving Tips to Reduce Your Weekly (Organic) Grocery Bill
It can be difficult to keep your grocery bill down, especially when purchasing all organic/natural foods. Here is a list of some ways that I have found to decrease my weekly grocery bill:
*Write a List- It's always a good idea to have everything you need written down on a list so you are not purchasing anything unnecessary and know exactly what you need.

*Go to your particular store's website for their savings circular each week to see whats on sale. When you compile your list you should base it off of the weekly sale items.

*Create a Weekly Meal Plan- After you have created your list and found what items are on sale you can create meal ideas for each day of the week. This way you know what you are having for breakfast/lunch/dinner each day and will not be caught running out to the store for forgotten items or trying to figure out a meal with missing ingredients.

*Coupons- Once you have all items needed on your list, start performing searches for coupons for those items. Coupons can be found on manufacturer's websites or coupon database websites like or If you are a Whole Foods Market shopper, take advantage of the coupon booklets in the front of the store- these WF coupons can be combined with manufacturer's coupons for huge savings!  Also, you can save deeply or even get products for free if you match your coupon with a sale item. For more info on acquiring coupons check out my other post on Organic Extreme Couponing here.
And that's it- by doing those 4 steps you should save a nice percentage off your normal grocery bill! All of these steps do take time but it is worth the savings in the end for you and your family!

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