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Three Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee In Fall

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Community Coffee
So long, sweet summer because fall calls for comforting coffees. While I am not a daily coffee drinker, it is my go-to-drink when I am in company or can’t make up my mind about what to order. In summertime I like black iced-coffee, but in fall I enjoy adding flavors to my brew.
Community Coffee

Below are three easy and delicious ideas to revamp your coffee this fall: Swap Out Sugar and Simple Syrups for Maple - with a drizzle of maple and splash of milk (of your preference), the drink is proof that fall coffee doesn't have to mean abandoning ice altogether.
Consider Nutmeg - Speaking of: Are you grating nutmeg over your coffee yet? You don't have to fresh-grate it if you can't find the whole seed, but you'll want to. Whether fresh or pre-ground, nutmeg infuses the drink with a gingerbread-y flavor that'll make you want to put on mittens.

Nutella. Nutella. N U T E L L A. - The first thing to do after swimsuit season is start lacing your coffee with chocolate—lots of it. Heat up Nutella with cream and whole milk to thin it out. Brew the coffee for a dollop of the Nutella sauce. Fill to the top with steamed milk, sip, and smile.

Community Coffee

Now that we have found fun ways to sip our coffee, let me introduce you to Community Coffee. I recently discovered them at my local Bed Bath & Beyond.

They are available to purchase in-store as well as online at Bed Bath & Beyond. You can choose from 18 count single serve boxes of Breakfast Blend and Signature Dark Roast).
Community Coffee

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