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Three Things You Need to Know About Jobs in Difficult Times- A Complete Time Management Technique

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Three things you need to know about jobs in difficult times- A complete  Time Management Technique
If you want to succeed in finding a job in these tough economic times, there are three important things to do. They are all marketing yourself and give your resume, networking and location to make. I will explain each of them in this article and how to use them to reach the top of the list. Remember - all about you.

A resume is the most important document of the bag of goodies. If you work to get your information in the hands of the directors of human resources, to dress in their shoes. What are you looking for? Is it in your resume? He must present himself as someone who can add value to the organization of the day. They are limited to a short period when a recruiter reads your resume, and you should enjoy every second in order to make an impression. Make sure you have the right keywords in your resume. Once you have completed the application, then you can move.

It is often said that the network is the key to finding a job and in my time as a consultant outplacement, which may be true that to confirm. More than 85% of my clients find their next position through a friend of a friend or a group of elders or any other organization they belong to. They never reject a contact, because you think you do not know the right people. I could tell you some stories that would prove wrong. to start the network, the network and the network and if that does not work network.

We are not naturally comfortable with the network, we asked for help to other people, or in this case "tips" thought showing weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth, a large force is required to communicate with someone you do not know and ask them for tips that could help in the transition. Do what !!

Our last point is "El Paso", the answer to the question "Tell me about yourself" or "How do you see yourself is fit into this organization? These are the two most important issues, if you understand what the interviewer is looking. the interviewer looking over their strengths, skills and abilities to listen and how they will benefit the organization. they are looking for is not known when the last holiday (unless it is relevant to the position), but they do not want to hear what this has done work that is relevant to them.

Practicing a standard version of this. In the bathroom mirror, if you have a business interview and investigate the position and focus its launch in requirements

The three steps that we have discussed follow a logical pattern, prepare the resume extending in the door for an interview, network like crazy to reach as to the chances of finding and then practice drills 90 seconds at which it will show very quickly that you can deliver.

Be efficient and not give up!

How do if you have to manage your life to do many things,

Whether in your own business, work for someone else or managing your personal life, you'll often very busy.

You can even procrastinate while you still have many things to do in the head.

If that's what you do, then you should use effective time management techniques.

The first thing to do to do things and to do more to create a list.

You must complete all the tasks you need for the day in order to fully write. Imagine if you were Santa Claus distributed gifts within 24 hours. What would you do without a list?

Well, if you've created your list, what would I do then?

Do not forget your list, so you can complete all your tasks instead of hesitation or do something else.

Try to keep your list in front of you or take it wherever you can. You can put it on your desk, art, bathroom mirror, everywhere you can easily say about you.

Then you have to seize the moment and every opportunity you are. Try turn whenever possible to enjoy.

For example, if you travel a lot, you can shop at the airport, if you have time. You do not have to wait until later.

You should also always keep whichever comes first. This means that you must keep before everyone is busy and therefore the environment is uncomfortable. In other words, enjoy your quiet time.

They can also be arranged at the beginning of the holiday, when offices are not as busy as usual. If you can, try to finish their tasks during these periods of rest or prioritize what can give the greatest return on investment.

But do not forget to relax and unwind. On your vacation, you should take the opportunity to give feeling cold.

If still confused if you have a problem with time management or procrastination, try solving Einstein: imagine that can store only one hour of the world. then spend 55 min to define, what is the problem, and spend the rest for 5 minutes to solve it.

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