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Three Services to Ask Your Dentist About

By Peppertan

Photo by Robert Golebiewski from Pexels

We all know that dentist appointments can be a chore, especially if you need restorative care like a filling. However, since teeth and gum problems can lead to even bigger issues, dental care is a critical component of overall well-being. Even if your mouth is healthy, oral hygiene goes beyond the basics of clean teeth. Other important aspects of dental care Carrollton Texas to consider are preventative care and treatments to improve the look of your smile.


Everyday decisions can lead to stained teeth before you realize it. Dark liquids like food dye or red wine can stain the exterior enamel, while infection or medication can cause stains that come from inside the tooth. Whitening toothpaste can remove surface stains, but intrinsic stains may require professional help. Some professional-grade whiteners are only applied once, in the office, while others require repeated application at home. Grocery store whitening strips also require repeated application. They aren’t as potent as the kind professionals have, but they are more affordable.


Some dental problems are created not just by our actions but also by our genetics. Cavities are more likely in molars with deep grooves, which can be hereditary or caused over time by chewing. Sealant should be applied by a dentist or hygienist. The thin coating prevents decay by acting as a barrier to prevent food or plaque from sticking in a tooth’s crevices. Children are good candidates for sealant, as are adults who don’t have cavities or pre-existing issues. This kind of preventative action helps safeguard your teeth from cavities for years.

Night Guards

We’ve all seen professional athletes wear mouthguards to protect their mouths during sports games. Another kind of mouthguard is arguably just as important. Many people clench or grind their teeth at night, often without being aware of it. This can lead to headaches, tooth pain, and restless sleep. Grinding can also damage your teeth. A properly fitted night guard can protect your teeth from these harmful habits and help you sleep better. Grocery stores sell one-size-fits-all options, but your dentist can create a customized bite plate using a mold of your teeth.

Maintaining oral health also takes at-home work. Regular brushing and flossing are the building blocks of good dental hygiene. If you need additional help — whether you’re embarrassed by stained incisors or keeping yourself awake with stress-induced grinding — a dental professional may be able to help.

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