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Three Ridiculous Baby Products

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Baby products are fun to buy, especially when hormones are coursing through a pregnant woman’s bloodstream. However, some baby products are a bit ridiculous to purchase even if meant as a joke.


Three Ridiculous Baby Products


Fanny Pack Disaster

When my oldest child was a toddler and I was pregnant with my youngest, I admit that I tried when my husband referred to as The Leash. This trial happened only once on our way to the play place in the mall. It only took about 20 minutes of silent stares and judgment from other mall patrons for me to hide the leash in my purse, never to be used again.

Granted, my toddler was a surprisingly fast runner and I was exhausted. And I tried to convince myself that it was okay because the leash was of the wrist variety, where one end looped around his wrist with velcro and the other end looped around my wrist.

Still, I don’t think I would ever have agreed to use the latest leash, which is a set of fanny packs.The child wears a plush fanny pack with one of the leash and the adult wears the fanny pack on the other end. Fanny packs are just wrong in so many ways, and now there’s just one more.


Baby Crafts

There’s a wide range of craft items available on sites like Etsy that are made from a person’s creative talent. Then there are other items.

If you’re pregnant and have older children, they might be curious about how the baby is actually born. Why spend time explaining the process when you can simply purchase a variety of “birth dolls” that show how it’s done? Some are patched together using parts from different stuffed animals, while others are homemade complete with umbilical cord.

These crafts aren’t just for the kids. If you don’t have enough placenta jewelry, you can do a quick search for placenta brooch in order to display your admiration for this body part essential for birth.


Placenta Products

Speaking of placentas, there are many products that you can make or have made in order to recycle that valuable body part meant for disposal after birth. The placenta is said to have several helpful qualities, especially for postpartum recovery.

Beyond planting a tree and using the placenta material for fertilizer, you can dehydrate it, grind it up, and use it for tea. You can also encapsulate the placenta and take it each day with your morning coffee. Or, if you want to keep it forever, there are kits that allow you to sew your placental leavings into a teddy bear. That may not sound very cuddly, but clearly there are some who find it hard to part with the placenta.

Baby products make millions each year, and many of them have good uses. Beware of the more ridiculous baby products before spending your hard-earned money!

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