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Three Personality Based Gift Ideas for Your Man

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Three Personality Based Gift Ideas for Your Man

Christmas is fast approaching which means it’s time to think of what gift to buy for your loved ones. Let’s cut to the chase. What are you getting your man for Christmas?

Thinking of what to get for your boyfriend / fiancé / husband, or any other male figure in your life can be a headache. When you buy a gift for girls, it can be as easy as finding something sentimental or pretty, but when looking for something for men it has to be something functional and practical.

My advice: appeal to his personality.  Here are some ideas that can make it easier!


The Career Man

High range: A custom suit. You can now order one online without getting measurements taken in person in custom suit websites like Institchu. To make sure you get a good fit, sneak into you man’s closet and find one of his best fitting suits and lay them on the bed. Take the measurement across the item of clothing and multiply by two. You can make a note to the tailor that these measurements were done on items of clothing instead of the actual person.

Low- Mid Range: A suit accessory. Whether it is a cuff link, tie, or pocket square, the key thing to remember is to not go too far from his current style. Browse through his current suit accessories and get him one in a color that he doesn’t have yet. Don’t buy him something just because it is trendy. When it comes to men’s accessories, men are usually set on their own ways. Buy something that can show that you support his career ambitions, and admire his drive. You can say that this is a way of sending him off with good luck on his big meetings.


The Fitness Fan

A lot of men look at working out as a release from their busy daily lives. Giving him something to complement this aspect of his life shows that you support his “me-time�.

High Range: Get him a fitness gadget. There are so many out there in the market now that can measure everything from heart rates to body fat percentage. Many men like to kick it old school when it comes to fitness, and tend to browse through items like this but don’t bother buying them.  Whether it’s a smart watch, a top of the line pair of earphones, or a blender for their meal preps, I’m sure he will love you for it.

Low-Mid range: His supplement supply. If he is the type to buy it as it runs out, he probably is doing his supplement run more regularly than he thinks. Get him a gift certificate from the place he buys it from or have them send him his supplements on a regular basis.


The Artist

High Range: A Camera. Any kind of artist would appreciate capturing the moment or his works. Whether he takes the photos himself or you eventually take it for him, he would appreciate having a digital version of his artistry.

Low – Mid Range: A notebook. Find a notebook where he can write down his literature, lyrics, or memoir. Write a short note on the inside leaf to let him know you are with him through his artistic and spiritual journey.

These are just some ideas for your Christmas gift hunting. Do you have any other ideas you want to share with other girls out there? Comment below or tweet us @mscareergirl before the season gets here!

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