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Three Beautiful Videos

By Luphil

Here are three beautiful videos by Terje Sorgjerd. The first is a sublime film done of a sandstorm at El Teide, Spain´s highest mountain (3718m), where he wanted to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy, but a large sandstorm from Sahara Desert came over, and the result were incredible photos of night sky.

The second is a fantastic film of the Aurora Borealis shot in Alaska at Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, temperatures around -25 Celsius. By the way, here is a short extract from H. P. Balvastky’s Secret Doctrine about the Aurora Borealis:
“Sound is the characteristic of Akasa (Ether): it generates air, the property of which is Touch; which (by friction) becomes productive of Colour and Light.” . . . . . . (Vishnu Purana.) Perhaps the above will be regarded as archaic nonsense, but it will be better comprehended, if the reader remembers the Aurora Borealis and Australis, both of which take place at the very centres of terrestrial electric and magnetic forces. The two poles are said to be the store-houses, the receptacles and liberators, at the same time, of Cosmic and terrestrial Vitality (Electricity); from the surplus of which the Earth, had it not been for these two natural “safety-valves,” would have been rent to pieces long ago.


The third is a video of a market in Thailand, where the Maeklong Railway line passes through – 8 times a day. A beautiful flow, also with boats of market people.

Three Beautiful Videos

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