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THR: Has Bill Gone Too Far?

Posted on the 04 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

We found this interesting article over at The Hollywood Reporter – where they recap True Blood – Episode 2, “You Smell Like Dinner”!

They brought up something interesting – which we think you might enjoy speculating about!

This is what they said;

THR: Has Bill Gone Too Far?

Eric’s amnesia and Bill’s the wild card. There’s something funny happening with Bill. The show’s unraveling bit by bit just how entrenched in the vampire politics he has been. We learned that he was recruited back in the 80s by Nan (Jessica Tuck) to penetrate the royal order, we witnessed him in previous seasons working for the queen, and we just saw him command her execution and assume the role as king. We barely knew thee, Bill.

We also know that Eric has been a thorn in Bill’s side both politically and when it came to Sookie’s affections. Did he order Eric to shut down the witch coven knowing something may happen to him? And now that Eric’s memory is wiped clean, does that solve the problem of Eric for Bill? Or, will it make Eric an even bigger problem? And finally, what happened to Eric’s shirt and jacket?

You can read the entire article here.
Read the part in bold again.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the direction True Blood was heading in. Eric has always been a thorn in Bill’s side. The fact that Eric is attracted to Sookie too – makes it a double whammy for Bill. The question is – do you think Alan Ball and his writers will ‘go there’? Remember, they did manage to surprise us last season with the big Rattrays’ reveal…think they will make Bill even more devious than anything Charlaine Harris could ever come up with? If so, what do you think about it?

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