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Thoughts on Love

By Dreamcreate @THEdreamcreate


Hopelessly, senselessly, detrimentally in love, that is how we fall when we are young at heart. As strong as you are in your words or your daydreams …. you see him/her in a crowd and fall to pieces.


Perhaps it’s more emotionally responsible to fall in love with rose petals, music, or roller-coasters.  Maybe the young wild hearts should fall in love with life, and let naivety, expectations, and flaws come and go as they may.


To all the young hearts out there, don’t wait for your Prince/ Princess Charming to come along and make the world better, fill your world with more magic and inspiration than it can possibly hold. Fill it to the brim, let it spill out and make a beautiful mess.


Sending all of you my beautiful /crazy / messy /rose-coloured /glitter – showered love

xo Alana

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