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How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill

By Dreamcreate @THEdreamcreate

Have you ever cleaned your grill, but the outcome still doesn’t look perfect? When buying a grill, you should first check whether it has cast iron grates or is a stainless steel grill. With the two, you’ll have to up your cleaning game for a more effective and durable grill. Stainless steel grills are protected with a layer of chromium oxide which corrodes easily the moment you allow layers of dirt to build up on the grill.

Clean Stainless Steel GrillClean Stainless Steel Grill

When this happens repetitively, the grill might not work properly. So if you own or is planning to buy one, this read on how to clean stainless steel grills will be of great help to you.

Four steps on how to a clean stainless steel grill

In order to have an easy time when cleaning, always clean every part of the grill differently as detailed in the steps below:

  • Clean the cooking grates

The cooking grates in a stainless steel grill are not different in any way from the rest of the grill ranges. They still remain to be the most messed-up part of a grill that equally needs to stay clean at all times because it’s where you place the food when grilling. You’ll realize that once you start cleaning and oiling the grates regularly, you’ll have minimal cleaning to do whenever you’re done for the day.

The easiest way to clean the grates is by setting them aside, and of course after they have cooled down. It also minimizes the chances of soaking up the whole grill all at once. You can choose to use home-made cleaners like baking soda paste, commercial grill cleaners or just use a mild liquid soap.

This will be guided by how dirty the grill is, and also how accessible the cleaners are. If you need any scrubbing done, use a wire grill brushor a scouring pad. Thereafter, rinse the grates with clean water and dry them with a clean cloth or paper towels.  Once they’re dry, remember to oil the grates, whether you’re planning to keep or use the grill afterwards.

  • Clean the insides

It’s not only the cooking grill grates and the outer surface that needs cleaning. You should also clean the stainless steel grill on the inside, because it also has some effect on the grill’s effectiveness. In there lies burners, flame tamers and venture tubes and all of them need to be cleaned more often to minimize build-ups from grease and food residues.

Flame tamers are what protect the burners by creating a barrier. This always has to be off before cleaning and for these, use a grill brush to remove any food residues, then wipe the remaining dirt with a paper towel.

The same can be used for different types of burners, except the ceramic ones. Venture tubes on the hand, can be cleaned with a rag soaked in soapy water or brushed with a tiny wire brush in case they’re clogged.

  • Clean the surfaces

With the surface, you have to pay attention to the products you’re using, unlike for the grates. I mean, it gets in contact with different elements, which makes it prone to stains. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use expensive cleaners and stainless steel polishes to keep your grill surface clean.

You can also use warm soapy water and a clean rag to get the messes fixed. However, we have certain grill spray cleaners which also protect the grill from harsh elements, apart from keeping it new and clean. So, to some extent they still outweigh regular soap, provided that you buy from brands that are tried, tested and found to be effective.

The only things to avoid are abrasive or acidic cleaners and rough materials which could damage the grill’s fine finish. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the entire grill and after rinsing off the soapy water and residues, dry the surfaces with a clean cloth. Leaving the grill with some traces of water is never a good idea, and plus, it makes the next step easier.

  • Polish the surface

We have been doing this on the cooking grates, but when it comes to stainless steel grills, you have to include the surfaces. Doing this isn’t just for the shine, but also to minimize direct build-ups on the grill surface, which might initiate stubborn stains.

You can opt for the affordable vegetable oil to polish every corner of the grill, leaving you with a perfect shine. You can also go for stainless steel polishing wipes for better results. Once you follow these steps to the latter, you’re guaranteed of a long-lasting, perfect-looking and effective stainless steel grill.


The shiny surfaces you often see on stainless steel grills require a little of effort for it to remain with the same clean, bright and sparkling look. Similarly, remember that irrespective of the name stainless steel, you still have to pay attention to any signs of discolouration, stains and rust.

Apart from regular cleaning, this can be prevented by regular seasoning and use of ideal cleaners. After doing all this, you should also find a grill cover for your stainless steel grill that will also keep it in the right shape, irrespective of how long it will be sitting unused.

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