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Thoughts on Gemini

By Luphil

Here are some thoughts from the wisdom teachings of WTT about the month of Gemini:

Master EK says in his Full Moon Meditations, Gemini:
“The whole creation is an objectification of the subjectivity which we call God. These two aspects, Subjectivity and Objectivity are visualized as the first pair, Gemini. According to the ancient Indian tradition, Gemini represents a pair of supplementaries, subjectivity and objectivity.
Subjectivity is called the Lord and objectivity is called the power of the Lord in relation to his Lady. Hence the pair represents the birth of the first Androgyne, Sakti and Siva. The emblem is called Ardhanari (the male who is half female). The sign Gemini is worshipped as the temple of the Lord at the entrance of which there are two pillars, Boaz and Yakhin (word and meaning). Man passing through the gate between the two pillars represents himself expressing as word and his concept.”

In Hamburg, 1989, Master KPK said about Gemini: “Gemini is the sweet process of One existing as two. Is it not sweet to live together as man and woman? What is true in the lower world is also true in the higher world. What exists above exists below. So, the sweet experience of living in companionship is offered by Gemini. We know that Gemini is a symbol of man and woman given as two pillars. Who is the man and who is the woman? If you can take the male and female energy as man and woman, there is the proper understanding of the man and woman.”

And in Achberg, Germany, in 1991, he said: “Gemini gives hints to us that everything exists as two, but understand that which is two is only one. That is what is called ‘the lower pole merging with the higher pole’. This is normally known as the glyph of Gemini II. This is for all those who practise discrimination in the objective world. Discrimination is one of the important faculties of Gemini. For all objective working we are all required to work with discrimination, but subjectively we should carry the understanding that all that which appears as duality is nothing but the one manifesting as two. When we know this aspect of Gemini, we have known how to work with Gemini. It is a state of awareness, where we carry the understanding of oneness in the subjective plane and work in the objective plane with discrimination. Carry the understanding that the two keep functioning and according to the need of the hour we function with both of them with discrimination. That is the purpose of Gemini Full Moon.”

The picture, “Gemini – Union beyond Duality”, shows on three planes, between and above the pillars, Krishna and Radha as a symbol of duality and union.

Thoughts on Gemini

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