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Thoughts on Disclosure

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Recently a blog that I read lost followers after doing a sponsored post. Interesting. Most of the part time bloggers in Australia state if they are writing about a product or service that was provided to them. But what about the big time bloggers, celebrities, celebrity bloggers and well known people? Do you really think that they buy everything that they write about? No. But do they disclose when they receive a product or service for free? No. And yet we still read their blogs. What's the difference? In my opinion the difference is that bloggers are usually honest. They give their honest opinion about a product, regardless of whether they've received it for free or bought it themselves. Most of the time well known bloggers/celebrities rave about products and I'd bet that it's often not their honest opinion. Think about it, how often do you see one of them write/vlog something negative about a product? Exactly my point.
So next time you see a blogger write a sponsored post or write about products that were provided to them, have a think about this. Do you trust them or not? Are they usually honest and accurate with their posts? If they are then a sponsored post shouldn't be any different. 
Note: I have never done a sponsored post, if I ever do it'll be disclosed.

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