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Thoughts of the Week

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
1. Why does our society have such low expectations of fathers? We expect mothers to be perfect and criticize their every move, but if a father even changes a nappy we think it's the most amazing thing ever.

2. We also look down on men who are stay at home parents. As if they're lesser beings because they don't work outside of the home. How ridiculous. 

3. Alicia Keys has decided to stop wearing make-up. Good on her. It's crazy how we expect women to be perfectly made up at all time. Women are beautiful with and without make-up. It's sad that she felt inadequate without make-up on and great that she now accepts herself.
4. Turns out I really don't like not having a dog so we got a puppy. This time we made sure she was low allergy (something I never even considered before). I still feel really bad about Bella but am totally in love with Shelby. 
5. I place my first order with Nourished Life this week. Shipping was super fast. They have free shipping all month if you join as a member (which is free). Get onto it peeps!

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