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Thoughts of the Month

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
1. I love this post about body after baby by Mez.
2. This year I've decided to set myself monthly challenges. My challenges for this month were to do one piece of housework a day (eg, vacuum, mop, clean bathrooms etc) and to do some form of exercise every day. It's been going okay. I've managed to do one piece of housework most days. The exercise isn't going as well as I hoped, I aggravated an old knee injury skipping so had to take it easy for a week, but I did make an effort to be more active during that time. I'm thinking it's probably more realistic to aim for exercise five days a week.

3. I've been considering officially going vegetarian. I am mainly vegetarian anyway, just not officially. I've never particularly liked meat and rarely eat red meat. When Tiger is away I don't eat any meat at all, when he's home I eat chicken, however the idea of eating flesh is becoming more and more gross to me. Red meat tastes disgusting, I don't like it at all and I can't say that I enjoy chicken either, so I don't know why I bother eating it. Aside from all that, I feel so much healthier when I stick to a vegetarian diet.

4. Slowly but surely I'm losing the baby weight. If I could find a non sugar energy solution I'm sure I'd lose it much quicker. 
5. Making friends in a new town when you don't work or play sport is tough. Both Tiger and I miss having friends. We're lucky that we have some family and my BFF here, but we miss the network of friends that we had in the city.
6. Those of you who want to get fit, head over to Move Fuel Love. They are giving away two memberships to the Michelle Bridges 12WBT.  
7. The farmers market here is brilliant. I love having easy access to a huge range of fresh food and knowing that most of it was grown a few hours away. A few weeks ago I found dried bananas there so I bought some carob and coated them with it. If you haven't tried carob coated dried bananas you are missing out!

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