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Thoughts of a Fan… The End Game

Posted on the 08 March 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

May 1st is almost around the corner and we can almost smell the newly printed pages of Deadlocked in our grasps. This is a bittersweet thought for all of us because Deadlocked is the second to last book of our beloved Sookie Stackhouse Novels. As the end grows nearer, the theories on what the end game is for our dear telepathic friend. We here at Eric and Sookie Lovers firmly believe that Eric and Sookie will be together. For the Viking Vampire and Telepath go together like 2 pieces of a puzzle. The Telepath and the Dog… not so much, except as Man’s (or Woman’s) Best Friend.

One of our regular visitors, Leif, has shared with us their thoughts about this topic.

We’d thought we’d share :)

Sam is a “Creature of sunshine”
He lives and works in Bon Tempts.
He could move to the farm.
He only has to shift at the full moon.
He is warm blooded, can make babies, cook breakfast and be a guard dog or lion at will.
Jason is a were panther, so no problem having an “in” with the family. And they can frolic under the moon together and the cousins will be close.

When Sookie wanted someone to reach out and touch her – there was Sam touching her shoulder.(DitF)
She wanted to hear the voice of someone who loved her(Sam) during her torture in DAG.
Sam can block Sookie from his thoughts.
Sam appears to not be interested in supe politics (though he is very informed)
He knows most of Sookie’s secrets (save Hunter and reading vamp minds occasionally – so far)
He longs for Sookie and has since book one.
He leaves her to make her choices, even against his better judgment.
They are friends.
Sam’s been attending church, Sookie is a self proclaimed lousy Christian who needs to get back on her spiritual path.
She runs into Sam at church. Suprise and hallelujah!

Sookie has not slept with Sam, but appreciates the arresting view.
Sookie seems to not approve of Sam’s choice in women, and Sam wishes Sookie would find happiness with someone else, and has no trouble asserting his POV to her.
Small town girl ends up with small town boy after going out into the world only to discover home really is where the heart is.
Makes a pretty good case for Sam, doesn’t it?

It’s all so perfect. Slap a bow on it and call it done.
Which *imo*, makes it SO cliche, not to mention predictable and boring. Yawn.

Give me an *against all odds* ending any day.
A thousand years of night is so much more appealing.
“The vampire is not a bad man and he loves you”
Eternal darkness meets a part sky fae who loves the sunshine. EPIC.
Overcoming social barriers, defeating your enemies, unpredictable futures, making a stand for what and whom you believe in.
Romance, adventure, intrigue and mystery.
People CAN change, Vampires CAN evolve, and the world is anyone’s oyster.

That would be EPIC.
That’s what I’m hoping for after reading the first book.
It’s not a debate to me, it’s just *MY* wish for the end of the series.
And yes, I know it’s not up to *me*, and I know it’s CH’s choice, etc etc.
Just stating *my* opinion and what I would prefer to see at the end of this wonderful journey, or maybe the end is really just the beginning.

I cant be the only one who thinks Sam is the ‘obvious’ choice for Sookie? Not necessarily THE one, but the most obvious (predictable and boring) choice? I never really considered any of the little “Sam bombs” to be actual bombs. He’s always been a steady but somewhat peripheral presence in Sookie’s life.IMO.

What do you think?

We absolutely love LOVE this and completely agree with this rant… for why do you want to play it safe when you can have everything your heart desires?

Thoughts of a Fan… The End Game

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