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Thoughts for Thursday....

By Megthamama
I can't even begin to write about this week.

Starting on Monday, my work and personal life collided like a train.

I'm looking forward to Monday. You know it's bad when you look forward to a Monday.

Meanwhile, did you read about my pregnancy updates? You can read them HERE.

On Wednesday morning, at 3am, I was sick. For an hour.

Anyway, I finally crawled back in bed and H starts rubbing my back.
Here's what the man said:

H: How is the baby?

Me: THE BABY!!??
Me: The BABY wasn't just on the bathroom floor. The BABY is swimming in his on personal little jacuzzi.

Then, I face planted into my pillow.

Obviously, I'm just a vessel for the baby. 

I'm pretty much over Revenge.

Emily wants to get revenge on the Grayson's and they want to get revenge on her.
And now my friends, you are caught up. 

 H and I are attending a fancy Gala tomorrow night......and these are my shoes:

Thoughts for Thursday....

Try to contain your self on the tackiness of them.

When I showed them to H, he almost fell off the couch laughing. Then, I walked around the house in them and almost broke my neck.

A few reasons as to why I bought these gaudy gold shoes:

1- I don't want to have my dress hemmed.
2- You can't see them due to my long dress.
3- They were less than $10.

My sweet loving man told me that a stripper will be mad when they realize that I bought the last size 7. I finished reading one of the books on my list for lent. Next book up, John Grisham's Sycamore Row. I realize that I'm probably utilizing lent wrong......but I'm seizing the opportunity to revisit my New Years Resolutions. 

Oh- and last but not least, I forced H to take our marriage to a new level last night.

I begged him to assist me in my at-home spray tan experience.

He didn't want to cross the line. He puts it in the same category as helping me paint my nails or curl my hair. Because I had dinner ready and waiting on him........and I may have used it a leverage, it worked and he helped. 

Sometimes, a 7-month pregnant gurl just needs help getting her tan on. 

Happy Thursday from the orange vessel. 

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