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Thoughts for Thursday....

By Megthamama
1. The weather. I am so excited. I went to Lowe's on Monday afternoon and bought one of everything in their garden department. Then, we met with a french drain landscaper, and he told me that every place that I wanted to add my new plants to, he would have to dig up. Fail.

2. Baby boy wakes me up around 2:30 every morning with his somersaults. 

It's sweet during the day.......but not at 2:30 am.

3. I'm eating a Snickers bar while typing this post. 

4. There are a few headlines in the news this week that make me scratch my head. 

- The Bachelor Backlash. People. This isn't real. The numbers speak for themselves. Brace yourself: this is reality tv. Don't get mad at a guy that has been told he is the hottest guy in America.......and he doesn't want to kiss but certain girls on the show. I'm sorry to break the news, but just like the Easter Bunny, this is fake

- The Royal Couple. I'm slightly obsessed with them. They are real. And I like to think their love is real too. Anyway, they are being criticized for taking a vacay without baby George. To the people who are criticizing them: Haven't you ever needed a minute away from your child? Listen. I have already told my mom some dates to pencil in to watch my little bambino. Mama is gonna need a minute. 

5. Tomorrow I will be blogging over on the Mississippi Women Bloggers site:
I will be blogging about a Strawberry Pie in honor of Pi day (3.14). 

6. We are possibly about to install french drains. I'm really not sure why they are called french drains. They should really just be drains. Anyway, while meeting with Mr. Drain guy, I asked 2 important questions:

     -When can you start?

     -When will you be finished?

I gave him a June 1 deadline. I told him that I need my back yard to be radio silent when we pull in the driveway with little man. 

Meanwhile, before the meeting, H gave me his regular "pep-talk" that he has memorized and gives me when we make decisions that cost more than $500. 

"Meg, don't get excited and hire him on the spot. Just because you are ready to see results doesn't mean that we are going to hire him today. Let's at least get the quote back and see what the damage will be."


I love seeing results. I love marking things off of my list. I don't like washing the doggies every Saturday due to mud. I'm a one and done type of person. 

My thoughts are:

Can you do the job?
What's you price?
When can you start?

H's thoughts are different. 

(so different that I can't even try to explain)

He balances me out. Ying and Yang. 

Happy Thursday everyone. 
Happy Thursday. 

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