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Thoughts for Thursday.....

By Megthamama

1- My hood. I just adore it.
Sunday afternoon (after my nap), I texted a neighbor and pretty much said, "meet me in the street, let's go walking."

Our neighborhood was like a parade with kids riding bikes, scooters, Mama's strolling kids, people running, etc.

I yelled at one neighbor who was washing his truck to go get his baby so I could push her around the hood (her pregnant mama was sick on the couch with a head-cold and I'm sure she needed a 40 minute break).

I love there is always something going on and we take care of each other.

Case in point: another neighbor was home sick with the stomach bug, so I texted her to go to my house and get some meds we had from the stomach bug. She has a key.....and I have the meds. Neighborly love.

Because she was so sick, I didn't ask her to let the weenie dogs out. I know where to draw a line. 

2- Downton Abbey.

What is going to happen to Ethel?
And Granny?! She reminds me so much of my sweet Mom-O. Both just say what they are thinking.

This is why I love Granny: "All life is a series of problems, which we must try and solve. First one, and then the next, and the next, until at last we die. Why don't you get us an ice cream?"

Ice cream. You can solve everything with ice cream. 

3- My Babywise 3-ring notebook is ready to go! 

After H laughed at me........he said that he's glad that I have it and in theory, makes him feel better to know we sorta have an "instruction manual." 

A few weeks ago, I told H that I was going to develop my own Babywise notebook and customize it to my wants. I told him that I was going to start in Excel........then he got excited. 

He LOVES Excel. 

He is an Excel wiz! 

He loves to be able to answer my work Excel of course, he thrilled I was using Excel for our child.

Anyway, I was like: "H, the only reason I'm using Excel is for the chart. I want everything to be symmetrical. "

H replied: " so, you don't need me to develop any formula's for you??"

Me: "for his poop schedule??? Nope. I don't need a macro formula for poop/pee. I think I'll just stick with my highlighter."

Poor baby boy. He's probably questioning why Jesus is pairing him with us right now. 

4- Speaking of baby boy......his nightstand arrived on Tuesday! All of his furniture is here and in place! I have some final details to wrap up.....and then his nursery will be complete! A.M.E.N.

5- The weather.

I love it.
It's a pregnant gurls dream to wear dresses now!
I now like living in Mississippi again. 
I don't know how I will feel about this in July. 

6- Next week, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal returns. 

I can't even handle. 
Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope. 
I hope they bring the action.....Lard know's Mary on Downton isn't! 

7- Last night, baby boy tried to escape by punching me. All.Night.Long. It was all fun and games until 2:41am. 

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