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Thoughts for Thursday.

By Megthamama
Hello Intranet.

I bet you think I've forgotten about you. But.....I haven't.

My sweet little buddy and my monogram machine have been kicking my booty.

(and I'm thankful for both)

Here's some life updates:

-Jax is cutting his last 4 teeth. LARD! Why can't teething be easy?!?

-His new favorite thing is to wake up at 4 am and get in the bed with us. Then request to watch "a moo bee" and have us pop him some "op orn." We never comply with his request.

- It's February and my 2016 planner is already falling apart at the seams. Don't judge me when I just Duck tape it back together. It would take me a year to move all of my notes over from this planner to another one. So, I think I'll just stick with what I have right now.

- Last week, South Central mailed me a refund check for over paying on my account. In the same mail, there was a past-due letter telling me I need to in fact pay on my account. Because they caught me in a weak moment where I didn't want to pick up the phone, I decided to just cash the check. I figured I could sort it out on Monday.

- I said "no" to adding 2 things to my life calendar this week. I really thought I would have guilt about it, however, it was very liberating and freeing. 

- Did everyone else think the Superbowl was a little 'blah' this year. I was more interested in the food than anything else. Being a PR major, I can't tell ya how many times I've had to write a paper on the dang commercials during the Superbowl. I try to purposely tune them out now. Otherwise, the people sitting beside me would have to listen to me analyze the hidden agenda, subliminal message, the color scheme, music selection and PR theories that may or may not have absolutely nothing to do with the making of the actual commercial. 

- I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday. Jax purposely spilled his juice a mere hour later. I then begged and pleated for a house keeper again. It's like I jinx myself ANYTIME I clean! 

Mop the floor = toddler spills drink

Wash the rugs = dog pees on rugs
Vacuum the carpet = husband has muddy shoes and tracks on floor
Clean up the junk pile in the kitchen = lose cable bill
Shampoo carpet = dog throws up in the middle of the night

Am I solo in this area? Am I the only one with bad luck when they clean house? Or ADD? While I'm cleaning, I see 248,392 other areas that need attention and I try to clean them all at the same time. Then, I forget what I'm REALLY suppose to be cleaning!! 

Am I sweeping the floors or the cobwebs? Am I polishing the stainless steal appliances or the grout in the kitchen floor? 

- Reporting good news now, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy are BACK!!!! While I realize I'm the last remaining Grey's fan, I'm so excited! It's like a Mama "moo bee" Night! 

Happy Thursday! 

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