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Thoughts for Thursday......

By Megthamama
Dear Internet. 

I'm Sorry. 

I have let you down. I don't blog anymore. I need to make this a resolution for November to blog more. 


1. Every night, I struggle with which guilty please I will indulge in.

Will it be my 1 glass of wine with pop corn? Or will it be ice cream?

Tonight, it was ice cream with crumbled chocolate chip cookies.

2. I'm pro vaccine for Jax until it's actually his Dr. appt day.....then I'm all like "WHY NOW?! NO! Not the shots!"

Man handling a 1 year old that's receiving shots will do you in!

3. The struggle is real during lunch for me not to watch Grey's while eating my sandwich. A few weeks ago, I figured the house was clean enough so I could spare to sit down and relax for an hour. I only felt that way after I shampooed the carpet. This was of course the shampooing before Jax spilled half of a bottle of mouthwash on the carpet and Oscar threw up on it. Every time I think I want to replace our carpet, I'm reminded of mouthwash and throw up.

4. I'm very ambitious during the day. When it's 2 pm and I have energy, I'm all like " Oh, I'm gonna stay up until 11 pm monogramming," but then when 8 pm rolls around, I'll confess, I'm generally in bed. Nighttime hits me HARD! 

5. In all of my "spare time" I monogram. I use to blog until I bought my machine. Now, I monogram until 8 pm. It's all fun and games as long as the appliqué goes right. 

6. Olivia Pope. I can't even. I love the little stunt she pulled last week. 

7. Last weekend I attended a wedding in Starkville all by myself. Y'all. This little introvert was so excited I seriously contemplated doing a cartwheel. Instead, I did a frontward roll and tried to teach Jax how to do it. He thought I was hilarious! 

Anyway, do you know how awesome it is to stay by yourself for 2 nights in a dark, cold hotel room with blackout curtains?!?! It's AMAZE! 

Night 1 recharged my batteries. I even ate breakfast in bed and felt like Beyonce. 

Night 2. My hotel neighbor snored so loud I could hear him through the walls. Not cool Mr. 

THEN, at 7 am, my other neighbors left for breakfast and the dog they snuck in went NUTS, which made me go nuts and call the front desk. 

Listen. The last thing I want on my "Meg-cation" is to wake up to a dog barking. I wake up to a dog going crazy pretty much every day. The moment sweet little Jax starts yelling my name at 7 am over the monitor, Oscar Mayer lets me know that I'm being summoned by barking at me. 

The owners of the dog retrieved him and I went back to sleep for a total of 30 minutes. Dang Dog. 

Here's to hoping for more blog posts. And more "Meg-cations" and less barking and more monogramming. 

And because you are here to really just see pics of my child, here ya go:

Sweet Buddy loves to help me "coookkk"!! I'm constantly reminding myself that we are not in a hurry and that I quit my job for moments like this. 
By the way, I made his Pawsome shirt! Sweet Labor of Love. 
Thoughts for Thursday......

Sometimes, we even make redneck toys that consist of empty milk jugs and rocks! #pinterestwin  Umm...totally kidding about Pinterest. 
Thoughts for Thursday......

Sometimes when teething gets bad, the only cure is Chickfila and Pops! 
Thoughts for Thursday......

The lunchtime struggle is REAL! My child has the sweetest face ever. Those cheeks are my favorite!
Thoughts for Thursday......

Why must he look 3?!?
Thoughts for Thursday......

Happy Thursday! 

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