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Thoughts for Thursday.

By Megthamama

This is my 1st day on my new job. 

My week schedule looked like this:

Monday- went to work STILL with the stomach virus 
Tuesday- Off from work due to Jax's swim lessons, still with virus
Wednesday- last day of work
Thursday- 1st day of new job and Jax's swim lessons
Friday- rewarding myself with a trip to the beach with my best buds

In non-realated news:

I almost fell off the couch while reading the caption of this pic. 

Thoughts for Thursday.

A few things to note here. 

1. I don't know who Farrah Abraham is. I'm not big on celebrities. I didn't even have the desire to Google her. 

2. I remember when the tooth fairy left a $20 bill under my pillow and my mom got mad at the tooth fairy because she thought anything over $1 was nuts. Apparently, it was so late at night the tooth fairy mistakenly took out the wrong bill. I pretty much hit the jackpot on that tooth! 

Again, here's some randomness......but when your 'name' is 50 cent, you should never file for bankruptcy. I'm gonna have to DVR all of the late night shows so I can watch the jokes as they roll through. I find this both comical and sad. Dave Ramsey people......Dave Ramsey. 
Thoughts for Thursday.

Upon arriving home from Mexico, I had the stomach virus that shook me to the core. I'm slowly recovering......but of course it lasted 8-10 days. 

I have started a bathroom picture project. 

Currently, if you come to my house and walk in the guest bathroom, this is what you will see: 
Thoughts for Thursday.

I may have pealed the picture from it's frame. But- because my "craft room" has SO MUCH STUFF on the floor right now....and I refuse to add to the pile, I just put this beauty right back on the wall until next week. I'm no overachiever, so I'll get to it when I come back from the beach with some motivation. 

Recently- I bought a pair of fab Ann Taylor wedges. Then, the heels decided to come off. So, I asked my engineering hubby to repair them. I walked in the garage a day later to find this:

Thoughts for Thursday.

I can't make this stuff up if I tried. Some gorilla glue would have probably worked just fine. 

Happy Thursday er'body! This time tomorrow, I'll be living it up with my college frands with our toes in the sand. 

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